Voiro to provide value to CTV and fiber-to-home businesses: Kavita Shenoy

According to Voiro Social media analytics software is critical because it can answer every single one of the aforementioned questions.

Aanchal Ghatak
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Voiro powers revenue optimisation and workflow automation for ad-led companies. Its dynamic, SaaS-based product harnesses the power of data to track ad inventory in real time.


Voiro is India’s premier revenue management product suite. It consolidates diverse technologies and multiple sources of revenue, enabling companies to make data-driven business decisions.

Here, Ms. Kavita Shenoy, founder and CEO, Voiro, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:


DQ: How is Voiro accelerating media companies to be data driven?

Kavita Shenoy: Voiro is a revenue analytics platform for content-led companies that enables media companies to unlock a data-driven approach to accelerating revenue.

Voiro’s solution has been used by leading OTT players over the last 5 years, across frontline sales, revenue strategy, operations, compliance, finance and external and internal audit teams. Voiro has enabled publishers to be able to experiment with multiple changes to key aspects of their ad-tech stack and handle reporting and intelligence automation from disparate systems including supporting one of India’s largest Live Sporting events 5 years in a row.

Voiro’s customers have the ability to leverage big data management to drive deep audience and targeting insights, while enabling the entire revenue function to be controlled by a lean team right from its inception. Voiro’s platform is a key product for multiple teams and provides intelligence to Sales, Ops, Planning, Exec and Finance teams.
Leveraging Voiro to be able to drive an aggressive revenue growth target. Key success stories that have driven this growth include Voiro’s revenue horizon dashboards, automated ERP integration, and Voiro’s forecasting capabilities to drive innovation and creativity in crafting differentiated and targeted advertising campaigns that enable a deeper relationship with the agency and advertiser landscape.

DQ: What is the solution that you are offering? Also, is it in modules or all-in-one?

Kavita Shenoy: Voiro is a revenue analytics platform for content companies. We have a CRM system that automates campaign creation, data analytics and optimization across multiple sources of direct and programmatic demand.

Problem in Ad Revenue Monetisation: Monetising content is key to revenue growth in digital advertising, OTT and E-Commerce. Our customers, broadly speaking have the following challenges:


Market Challenges:

Lack of historical & real time analytics on ad revenue and content RoI.
Advertisers and brands all fight for a share of the same pie, so audience intelligence is paramount.

Technology Challenges:

Ad Tech is extremely complicated with deep dependence on DFP and other ad servers.
Fragmented tech stacks and disparate workflows.
Lack of domain experts to manage events such as live sport.

Data Challenges:

Lack of business intelligence from terabytes of data across multiple teams.
No ready reckoners specific to media such as optimizers, predictive analytics andrevenue reconciliation.

Voiro’s solution is a strategic blend of a microservices, API stack that solves for Enterprise Customers in Media, OTT and e-commerce. Our dynamic product suite blends capabilities ofCRM, revenue reconciliation, insights and deep analytics.

Voiro falls into CRM, marketing analytics and ad-tech verticals, which makes us quite unique and gives us the potential to play in quite a few spaces.

DQ: How are you building in automation and intelligence?

Kavita Shenoy:  Voiro’s tech roadmap is a balanced combination of learnings from years of working closely with the market, along with Voiro’s understanding of what our users need.

Given our experiences working with, advising and solving problems for key players in media, Voiro has been in a unique position to understand the breadth of our users’ problems, in a manner that few have.

Voiro’s tech enhancements and roadmaps solve problems for users across the spectrum of media monetization, ranging from proprietary sales attribution data models built to service the changing needs of media sales, one to many capabilities for ad server campaign management that service standard and custom build ad severs to automated revenue reconciliation for accuracy in reporting upstream and downstream, solving problems that tackle data at scale.

Voiro’s understanding of media data also helps in building features in our roadmap that are predictive and prescriptive in nature, helping our customers craft the right solutions and take them to marketers at the right time, as opposed to selling just inventory.

Voiro’s roadmap and innovations have been well received and have also been tested at scale -- given Voiro’s position as a technology partner of choice for some of India’s leading OTT players. Customer needs that have been met with new solutions include, but are not limited to, problems in inventory allocation, audience segmentation, workflow automation, pricing analytics, and revenue reconciliation, to name a few.

DQ: How can you help companies reimagine their work in the digital era?

Kavita Shenoy: What can be automated will be automated. Media sales is notoriously difficult to predict and manage. We bring in a cadence to every part of the workflow so that our customers have access to all the actionable information that matters to them right now.

We aspire to be a trusted global leader and the partner of choice to medium and large broadcast companies across the world empowering them to turn their data into revenue generating intelligence.

DQ: How have you built the brand among the OTT companies?

Kavita Shenoy: Majority of our growth has come organically from recommendations from existing customers. Our brand value stems from the culture of our company - honesty, ownership and constant learning. We are always aware of our customer’s priorities and work doubly hard to ensure we are ahead of the market and in turn our customers' needs.

Customer Value:

1. User Autonomy
2. Scalability
3. Flexibility to support different workflows for Media
a. Broaden the revenue landscape from only ads to all revenue streams :Subscription, Partnerships, CTV & Syndication
b. Bridging the linear-digital divide with analytics that give a customer a single view of their revenue horizon.
4. True to ‘Instant Access’: Web and App, along with rich, scalable user experience with a variety of features available out of the box
5. Automated Actionable Intelligence Features

DQ: Are you also looking at getting into industrial and manufacturing segments?

Kavita Shenoy: No! But, we are interested in providing value to the CTV and fiber-to-home businesses where a formidable ad revenue strategy will be present as more and more businesses are on the path of convergence and digital transformation triggered by the pandemic.

DQ: What are your future plans?

Kavita Shenoy: Growing internationally. Breaking ground in the broadcast and CTV industries, and finding adjacencies in the ecommerce and gaming industries.

The future for Voiro is to have a marquee customer in every region and to build on the learnings of the last 5 years of product success. We are also very excited to launch our new UI that will be the culmination of building our product to solve our customer’s challenges and constantly strengthening and innovating use cases within the media space.