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Vodafone Network Down Once Again Say Users, Internet Stops Working

Vodafone network goes down for the second time this year say users who are taking to social media platforms to report the issue

Vodafone network has gone down reportedly for the second time this year according to the users of the telecom service provider. Users have been reporting Internet connectivity problems that seem to have affected them from the past twenty minutes or so.

“What is this from last half an hour your call and data service not responding in Delhi. Please do something,” says Amit Kumar Mangal. “Vodafone network is down at various locations in Noida. @VodafoneIN please look into the issue immediately,” says Kumar Kunal.

“Vodafone down in Bangalore since 11:52 AM IST. Called Customer care and they hung up after telling to wait for 2 hrs!!! I was attending a live session and suddenly an internet blackout occurred. Work on the network before claiming to be 4g “Data strong network”,” says Prajwal Kashyap.

The Vodafone network, according to user complaints, seems to be down in various cities across the country. Users from Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities as well are reporting issues. While Vodafone Idea is yet to acknowledge the problem, Down Time Detector states that the network seems to be facing connectivity issues since 11:52 AM.

No network since 20 mins in Gurugram, sector 10 area. What’s the problem? Vodafone down” says a user from Gurgaon. “I am customer since 2008, i am experiencing such poor network and data service in my area, that 4g is not at all showing up, today not even 4g or 3g is working. Poor data service,” says Aditya Tuleja on Twitter.

 Vodafone Idea as of now is reverting to users saying “:Hello! In view of the countrywide lockdown, we are operating with limited staff and our responses will be delayed. Please log in to My Vodafone App or visit for all payments, recharges & service queries. Stay Home, Stay Safe!”

This would make it the second time that the network has been affected this year. A similar issue last surfaced on 7 February 2020, when Vodafone Network went down for several hours across the country. The network issues had not been resolved at the time of publishing this story.

(Update: The Services have now been restored)

16 responses to “Vodafone Network Down Once Again Say Users, Internet Stops Working”

  1. Shoobham says:

    Thanks for reporting this news, I have been fed up with their internet services. In fact it 17:06 by my clock and still the internet is on blackout

  2. Alpasha mendhe says:

    I am from Nagpur, since last night I am facing n/w issue, it is showing 3G instead of 4G and Internet is not working. Please solve the issue asap .

  3. Priti M says:

    Vodafone network is down since yesterday afternoon . I am from Nagpur and the connection shows Vodafone Be safe-3G. ( not even 4G) and the Internet is not connecting at all. It’s frustrating to say the least. Kindly resolve this issue as the customer care is also not helping to guide us.

  4. Santushti says:

    Seriously I’ve been using vodafone network for a long time due to lock down it is completely shattered it’s not working al all its literally frustrating vodafone need to solve the problem immediately


    Since a long time … This Vodafone Network is not working ..4G become 2G (0.02kbps/sec) my pack is 16MBPS

  6. Sayan Ganguly says:

    Vodafone net connection being very poor since the past few days in my location. Even needs to watch videos in 240p where I watch at 480p. I am really disappointed at the current scenario. Need to change if this persists.

  7. Vaibhav says:

    Netvak poblam

  8. Divya chhabra says:

    Today is 7th May and again vodafone network occur, suddenly internet connection lost…what is the issue , please check
    Area Jaipur pratapnagar

  9. joseph says:

    its been three days since vodafone network is out coverage and theres no signal bar…im using a friend wifi to comment on this

  10. Kulsum Khan says:

    The network has been down for almost 3 to 4 weeks now….. It works fr a few minutes and goes away…… In bangalore…. We have 3 vodaphone Sims. And all. Are showing the same issue

  11. Trisha says:

    Vodaphone network wasn’t working since now when network come again?

  12. Sachin says:

    Vodafone data services are blackout since 22 may 2020 in my area…what a retired co.

  13. Nilesh kumar says:

    Hello team since very long time I have complained for network. Still have facing problem a lot. No one can support for this network issue. Net and calling. Can you help for this network issue matter.

  14. Nilesh kumar says:

    I have complained for network. Still have facing problem a lot. No one can support for this network issue. Net and calling. Can you help for this network issue matter.

  15. Aayush says:

    Since 22 Jun 2020 calls do not 4g or even 3g coverage.Internet speed almost 0.called vodafon customer care 10 times.they failed to resolve the Vodafone ka bhagwan hi malik he.I cant do anywork anymore

  16. Vaishnav says:

    Vodafone service is not good now no internet access and some times voice call also not audible. I talked with customers care but they did not resolve the issue

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