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Vodafone Idea Network Down Yet Again say Users in Kerala, Complain of Connectivity Problems

Vodafone Idea network seems to be facing issues yet again, and this time several users in Kerala seem to be facing issues with connectivity

Vodafone Idea network seems to be facing an outage for the second time within a week. According to users in Kerala, the Vodafone Idea network is apparently down from the past hour. Although Vodafone Idea, which was recently re-branded to Vi, is yet to acknowledge the issue, customers have been complaining of a lack of connectivity and even a total blackout in some areas.

“Vi Network/internet not working from Afternoon today in Palakkad,” says a customer. “No network available in my area Kerala pin code: 682033. All family members phones not reachable… Please take immediate action,” says Sibin Sebastian.

“Signals bars are not even showing- VI network is totally down Area: Chattanchal – Kasaragod, Kerala,” says another user Mahshook Abdul on Twitter. “It seems Idea network is down from an hour…unable to make any calls and getting error message Mobile network isn’t available”, says Vijilal Soman.

“Last one hour there is no service . The last couple of days I have raised issues regarding network and today at 2:30Pm I got a message stating the issue is been resolved but from 5 Pm onwards there no service at all,” says VN Menon.

“No signal…vi tower is switched off from 5 pm onwards..many vi users affected.. and can’t connect VI cc from other network Location pin 689508, Alappuzha district, Kerala solve the issue immediately,” says Jacob. The issue has been reported on Down Detector by users, which has received over 170 complaints in the past hour.

Vi customer care as of now is responding to customers saying “Hi! We understand your concern. Kindly DM us your Vi number to assist you further on the network issue.”

Recently, the Vi network faced an outage in Pune and other cities in Maharashtra due to Heavy rain, which resulted in the flooding of some areas including one of the company’s key sites. The outage, according to customers, lasted for over 12 hours.


  1. Jacob K Daniel

    My vi network is not totally out of order and I tried to contact the customer care numbers and there is no connectivity from today afternoon onwards. No use of keeping this vi network better we change to some other network.

  2. Vijay

    From Sunday morning (18/10/2020) my idea network gone. Total service down (no messages , no calls, nothing)

    VI customer care service is too worst. I don’t know what to do… Duplicate SIMS are also not available in VI stores for Idea sim.

    Frustrated, and don’t know what to do.

  3. Abdul aMajeed

    I’m from Thrissur, Anthikad , Pin : 680 641
    From today afternoon the Vi signal is thoroughly
    black out
    I can’t even contact my wife, family members, friends
    and of course nobody
    Please let me know the issue and when I can expect a trouble free. uninterrupted connectivity
    Please give a proper reply in this regard

  4. Avdhesh Sharma

    I don’t have mobile network from last one week. It was disconnected on the outage day last week and since then network didn’t restored. I have called customer care multiple times and every time the have given assurance that network will be back in 3 hours but still no network. I have sent multiple mails to customer care including TRAI but still no action.

    I don’t understand if people can’t provide proper service and resolve the issues why they are allowed to run the service based business. Vodafone license should be called and they should pay the panalty to customer for their trouble, knowing that today without OTP you can not do any online transaction and network is now part of life.

  5. Artx

    I have changed me SIM 5 days ago as per the customer executive says . They said It’s my SIM problem after changing it I got my connection back then yesterday 20 oct2020 song I lost it again.
    We all customer better change vi to another service so they will learn the lesseon. They have money for advertising Vi for 10 min long with that money they could have improve their service. Stupid company Vi :/. Shame!!!

  6. SK RAJU

    I am from Assam south Salmara Mankachar district vi 4G network not available in our area. And technician boys not available, In these area’s. Pls including the network . Bad conditions vi network.

  7. PC

    Vi is one of worst service provider. The customer care members also talking now rudely with customers. This is totally unprofessional. I am in process to say bye bye to Vodafone along with my family members.

  8. Sreedev A

    I’m unable to contact the customer care service. There is no option to contact to customer service executive.

    Please contact me idea. I have a serious issue with my idea prepaid

  9. Satrujit Batobyal

    My vi number complete coverage gone since 5 pm yesterday raised complaint to vi corporate customer care till now no connectivity mine is a corporate number and all business communications are stopped and already pandemic conditions are existent request for immediate service and connectivity resumption pin no 441108 mihan nagpur maharashtra

  10. Rinu S

    Pin 680651 from Trichur kindly resolve the issue soon. Facing the problem from day 1 but from yesterday its total blackout from Oct 20, if you cant resolve the issue within a day then for what you are charging the bill.

  11. Abdul

    Dis story is in chennai 600001 worst connectivity with data as well as with the phone connection wen contacted the showroom in Armenian street with casual effect the person informed it ll take another 1month cant do anythg if we (customer) wants can cancel the connection facing worst tower issue..

  12. Deepak O Sarvaiya

    Actually they was to close Vi at the earliest.
    No connectivity in Gujarat also.customer care centres have no answer.

    Services have gone to ditch.

  13. Avijit Chatterjee

    Vi network in my locality is very weak. It fluctuates continuously. Internet speed too fluctuates continuously. Immediate action need to be taken.
    I am an old user of idea prepaid sim. If this problem persists,there is no other option but to port out.
    I stay in Asansol in West Bengal,near Court More,Pin:713304.


    Call dropping is main facility of Vodafone now!!! If you want to unreachable yourself with full signal of VI then use Vodafone ( VI)

  15. Anusha

    Worst Network Ever

    Not only in other places being in Hyderabad I’m nt getting a proper signal.. Since 7th oct I have started raising the request till date I haven’t gotten any resolution.. I have given multiple calls to customer service and multiple mails I have dropped 11 mails in which I got a reply for 2 even that was we tried calling you but ur number was not getting connected

    These is the maximum coverage we can provide in your area.. This is the statement which is used by the agents in calls and emails… When the customer service people only unable to connect the call so what is the use of recharge done
    I hve recharged the amount of 450 rs for 4gb data on daily basis and unlimited calling
    The thing is we can’t use the both options if we don’t have the Signal so it’s a big network better we switch to other network and start using it… Since 11 years I’m using the number and since 10 yrs I have been in same place now I’m facing a issue because of buildings nd all… Such a stupid reason to give

  16. Geo

    Same issue at Kozhikode,Kerala too…
    Initially it was showing low network n now no network at all.. using someone else’s data to report this. This is sad.

  17. Khan

    Worst Network. The Internet speed I get is 0.5 -10kb .I raised complaint several times. I simply get a sms after 3 days saying the issue is resolved. But still I receive the same speed. This is happening in hubli (karnataka). Now I have decided to port to other network.

  18. Hoshang Bilimoria

    I was complaining to Vodafone Mumbai since March regarding connection was established but we could not hear each other. Lastly fedup I change the service provider toJio.

  19. Abraham Thomas

    The 4g network has only 2 bars in my house . Most of the time it changes from 4g to ++H ,sometimes E. not enough signal power in my area . My area is ranny pin 689673

  20. Abubacker

    VI Network issue is still going on …. Why we pay for such a worst service …..!! I think that some “” messing”” is going on there to boost the “BIG B OPERATER”..!!

  21. Madhumitha

    I am from chennai , and I am facing network issue with my internet for almost all the time . Tired of complaining online million times. Especially these are times now where we are more depended on internet for online classes and exams . It’s really difficult to log in once we are kicked out due to connectivity issuse . Definitely not worth the money paid for recharge

  22. Prathmesh yedve

    Im facing problem since past 3 days ago….. Vi network is not working in Goa….. I can see only Around 0.2 to 5kb on my mobile….. Can’t use my data….. Very disappointed…… Solve it fast

  23. Jose Michael

    Vi network is very poor and the signal strength is very pathetic. My cash is absolutely waisting in this company. They are even not ready to listen from the customers. Vi is very careless to the customers. I am thinking about to porting to any other company.

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