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Vodafone Idea Network Down in Pune say Users, Complain of Lack of Connectivity

Vodafone Idea network down has been trending on Twitter as users in Pune have been complaining of connectivity issues since last night

Vodafone Idea network down trends on Twitter as users in Pune have been complaining of connectivity problems with their number. While Vodafone Idea, which is now Vi, is yet to acknowledge the issue, users say that problems with making calls and using the Internet cropped up last night, and is currently unavailable. Users are also saying that their plans have not been activated despite making payments.

“Is Vodafone Idea is down? Payment is successful but not showing updated plans. Not able to call 199 or 198,” Says Showkath Ali on Twitter. “Vodafone mobile phone services severely affected, since last night in 416416 Maharashtra areas. No hopes of early recovery” says Dr Sulakhe.

Students who have been facing trouble in attending online classes have also been tweeting about the problem. “I have 2 SIMS of Vodafone in different mobile but both of them are not showing mobile network My online classes are being stopped due to network issues and. Now I’m tweeting using WiFi, Please help,” says Yash Lokhande.

“Not able to connect to the Vodafone network, your app is misdiagnosed that my phone is in airplane mode. Not able to connect to any human representative on 198. There is no way I can raise a complaint,” says another user from Pune.

Some users have also been complaining of SIM card error messages being displayed. “Facing issue with Vodafone SIM since morning. “SIM card not registered” error. When will this be resolved. Tried manually registering the network. Doesn’t work,” says Suyash Abhyankar.

However, there is no response from Vi as of now. “As per our recent communication, please be informed that your concern has been discussed and has been communicated to you,” says Vodafone Idea to its customers as of now.


  1. Kalyan Kumar

    Customer Service of VI (Vodafone-Idea) has gone from bad to worst….Irresponsible …I think it is high time that VI India closes the shop and tender apologies to all customers. Thanks

  2. Mogare Avinash R

    I am getting same problem since early morning , i am final year studant , this is exam period so hope it will sort out soon … Nashik …

  3. Maroti Gaikwad

    Vodafone network is not available in Mukhed Dist Nanded as well as unable to select network Vi India or VI in here manually.

  4. sandeep reddy

    I am using goa sim but staying in bangalore, from morning i am unable to make calls and not getting incoming calls as well but mobile data is working, wen i try *199# it says IC validity expired though i have 8 days more validity still i recharged with 249 but plan not updated but amount got deducted, please address the issue and resolve it asap as we r facing hell lot of a problem,

    Without intimation if service get interrupted these many hours its not acceptable…

  5. U S Gupte

    Since 2.10.2020 have chatted with help desk several times. You hit a dead end with them. Without answering your querry they will keep asking ‘is there snything else that we can fo for you’.
    They close complaints without doing anything or informing users. Their help desk also informs that user was contacted even if thats a lie. I am paying for 4G which never works & forced to use my MTNL Wifi which is so much better in speed and customer service. Even to register online complaint the MTNL service is needed to be used as the 4G doesnt work. Vidafone is pathetic noe. Csnt even escalate the issue beyong the help desk (who keep repeating the same questions)

  6. Radheshyam Ade

    In Pune Sadashiv Peth area is big issues of Vodafone network from early morning to till so please resolve this issue as early as possible…Thanks RA

  7. Ramesh

    Very bad service from Vodafone Idea, since morning I’m not getting signal.

    Before also I was facing issue call pause and internet drop..

    It’s really disappointed..

  8. Patriotic Indian

    Vodafone has become. No botheration for Customers. Time for them to shut their shop in India and take their out somewhere else to a third world country like Pakistaan.

  9. Akshay Patil

    Same problem.. since morning no network signal.. not able to call . Not even incoming calls..
    Place : Jalgaon Maharashtra 425001

  10. Suraj

    From last night too much trouble.
    Please solve this problem otherwise give concession in post paid bills.
    My call drop and hang slow vvoixe call issue is till active from last 4 month.
    But todays is it’s toop much
    I can’t take it passoinatley

  11. Sanjeev Pawar

    I have no network since morning in manjari pune, my work is affected and have no idea what time it will be resolved. Vodafone and idea are the worst when it comes to service and number when in asking for money and disconnecting service if bill not paid on time.

  12. Shanmukh

    Only Vodafone idea network is not working. And other networks are still working. Many times Vodafone customers facing the issues but still they are not worked on this ?? My suggestion to Vodafone is, if u don’t have the capability to provide good service then why you give fake promises to customers. Many persons business is depend on the calling and just because of you we faced lots of losses in our business.

  13. Madhura

    Worst service given by Vodafone, idea,
    So irritating to listen the caller tune when trying to connect call with customer care services, VI vi vi, so irritating….. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  14. Dr M V Baride

    In Dhule too. Not registered comment flashed since morning. Network is showing. But other sim from my wife vodafone sim is working. This has happened twice in three months. Till this time no change. Took all steps to reset sim. No use.


    Same problem from Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra.
    It doesn’t show signal or network since morning.
    It doesn’t work properly, Why?

  16. Sona Dutta

    They informed 3 hours…. but the network is still not back after the whole day…. I think I will have to change to some other service providers as vi is pathetic 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Amol Sahebrao Ranpise

    Not Showing network, I have interchanged the sim slots, now it shows network but unable to make a call
    or use internet.

  18. कृष्ण

    सबेरे से परेशान है वोडाफ़ोन आइडिया वॉयस कॉल व डाटा सर्विस दोनों बंद है

  19. Om Patel

    Man it is down since midnight and they said it will get fixed by 4pm in aurangabad but now it is 8pm i have 2 sims one is working but no internet and one is total dead worst connectivity breach just changing your name wont change your reputation fix our problems due to your problem i have not been able to attend online classes and tutions

  20. Parinita

    No network since morning, no internet service and ni imcoming calls, can’t even log complaint, 198, 199 are also not reachable, Vi app is not usrr friendly at all, any timeline given by Vi to restore network ??

  21. Lakshmi Narayanan S R

    Not only pune, I am in tirunager, Madurai, very poor service, if it will continue, switch over to another one, there is no way to melala

  22. Deepak O Sarvaiya

    After merger of vodaIdea it has stopped working.
    We are not able to get connection.
    Service center has no answer.
    Every thing seems to have been messed up.
    Slowly they will lose subscribers.
    I am thinking to shift to some other network.
    Matter is very very serious.

  23. Nilesh Patil

    Same problem in Cuncolim Goa also. Today I was not able to attend my online classes. The status is showing”emergency calls only”. Very bad service by vi. The net speed also is not good . It goes on flickering . the internet speed is too slow. Today I m writing tis comment by taking wifi of jio from someone. They said that they will fix the issue within 6 hours but now it’s already 11.30pm . And still it’s not solved . Very bad day today. I had not used 1MB of data also today.

  24. Umesh

    Vodafone lost tue credibility now.. Network was down more than 10 hrs in day time. If they give heavy rains reason then how other operators like Jio and Airtel was operating smoothly?

  25. Rahul

    Resolve the issue please. So much offers, but such pathetic network inspite of the merge. Do you still hope to retain customers after all thi?? RsESPOND BACK, AND FIX THIS ISSUE!

  26. Loma Damrot

    Vodafone network and idea network not working in Pune today since morning. CX service says no issue. And asks to do basic troubleshoot. Verry bad

  27. Ashish Rai

    Hi team,

    Since last 1 year I am in Japan and using your service.I have paid all the monthly outstanding bills but from the morning I am facing out of coverage issue.

    No single in my mobile phone. Please check the root cause and provide the network ASAP.
    I appreciate your continuous support.

    I am only available on email so I can’t pick your cc calls.



    Dear all ,

    was facing network issue and as per below message now VI working fine, Thanks!

    “If your phone is already set to automatically select a network, try to manually select your mobile Network Provider to Vodafone”.

  29. Sandeep Gosavi

    Has Vodafone Idea gone bankrupt and stopped operations in Pune No network since yesterday . Pathetic service

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