VMware offers free windows 10 migration assessment tool

VMware has announced a new solution for customers to assess and implement their Windows 10 migrations. VMware’s SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service for Windows 10 is a free, cloud-hosted service by Lakeside Software Inc., and is the first step customers need to begin their migration process from legacy Windows systems to the modern, enterprise mobility management (EMM)-friendly Windows 10. Details on a customer’s existing environment are identified and quantitatively analyzed to accelerate the move to Windows. This enables customers to take advantage of VMware’s cloud-first Windows Management and Security model for a simpler, cost-effective and more secure Windows environment.

“VMware’s End-User Computing portfolio makes us uniquely positioned to take a holistic view of an organization’s Windows environment and determine the perfect fit for existing devices in a Windows 10 world,” said Blake Brannon, vice president of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware. “The SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service is a step-by-step process that gathers in-depth information for organizations to understand system performance and application usage patterns to give a clear picture on which physical devices can upgrade to Windows 10 and which can migrate to Windows 10 through a virtual desktop. Guidance on the optimal computing environment helps organizations lower the cost of delivering and managing Windows environments going forward.”

Windows 10 is poised to have a significant impact on organizations’ EUC strategies, creating a more secure, cost effective and unified computing environment with a better end user experience. As organizations embrace this new OS, they can use VMware AirWatch to manage the OS platform in a cloud-centric model that is more agile and robust than traditional configuration management tools. As organizations set on this Windows 10 migration path, VMware is committed to help them smoothly transition to the new OS.

The VMware SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service is a free, cloud-based service designed to examine end-user behavior, device inventory and configurations (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones), software, web and network usage patterns. These insights empower IT administrators to gain a comprehensive understanding of their end-user environment as they evaluate Windows 10 migrations. The service provides not only an easier path to migrate to Windows 10, but it also offers customers necessary insights to move forward with a centralized management solution that lowers cost, increases security and compliance, and delivers a peak user experience across customers’ Windows deployments.

Features in the service include:

· Cloud-hosted assessment to identify desktop candidates that are best fit for in-place migration to Windows 10

· Detailed metrics and reporting around system mobility, device performance and application usage to more accurately tailor policies and management models towards EMM, VDI, DaaS or thin clients

· Examine hardware and device configurations, application issues and user behavior to ensure a stronger management and security posture after migration to Windows 10

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