Vmoso application Endeavours to achieve utmost data security

Vmoso helps large and small enterprises to save time and cost which in turn will help the organization to achieve higher efficiency, and attain optimum business success

BroadVision is an e-business and engagement management solutions provider for organizations seeking to transform their communication. The company also helps to embed valuable social behaviors into business relationships and processes. Recently, the company has launched a cloud based application called Vmoso application to conduct virtual enterprise communication, mobile work group collaboration and social business engagement.

Vmoso  App Helps In Business Growth

Vmoso is optimized to help enterprises, large or small to save time and cost which will help the organization to achieve higher efficiency, and attain optimum business success. The application aims to aid in ‘successful communication’ in the business industry across the globe. After its successful journey in USA, Japan, Europe and China, Vmoso is all set to step into the Indian market and offer Indian enterprises to grow their businesses.

Vmoso enables efficient communication with a single source of truth for all project knowledge and stakeholders to have easy access to the latest information.

It unifies five workplace activities in one platform:

1. E-mail

2. Instant messaging

3. Content sharing

4. Workflow, and

5. Social networking

These activities help in significantly enhancing both internal collaboration and external engagement. Vmoso supports hybrid cloud deployment and ensures the highest level of data security and information privacy.

“We make it easier for employees to collaborate with each other as well as companies to engage with customers directly via a “high-touch” experience, empowering them to get things done faster, cheaper, and better. This also ensures superior operational consistency and business continuity, because knowledge management is built into the communication, collaboration and engagement process holistically. This way, everyone’s activities get retained and weaved into corporate knowledge web automatically, upon which every other user can quickly and easily discovery, learn, retain, and act.” says Dr Pehong Chen, President and CEO of BroadVision.

Some Key  Functionalities of Vmoso

The platform has a wide range of new functionality across several key modules which are namely:

Vmoso Big Knowledge (VBK) empowers any enterprise knowledge, (internal or external) to be captured and retained at its source, which in turn can be easily be shared for making timely decisions.

Vmoso Process Management (VPM) provides an extensible framework to transform stodgy PC – centric business processes into mobile – centric experience for each participant.

Vmoso Integration Bot (VIB) pre-configures a number of essential APIs into a reusable framework from which all enterprise activities can be integrated into a “universal inbox”. It is personalized for each user, through either Vmoso itself or as embedded in any external sources, such as existing PC or systems of record, mobile apps/portals, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

Vmoso Management Center (VMC) allows an organization to monitor, manage and support users and their usage levels under both public and private cloud installations.

The firm’s clientele spans over a number of sectors including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

“In today’s time, it is quite pertinent to enable the entire enterprise to work more smartly, engage customers more intimately outside, improve internal communication/collaboration, institutionalize valuable tacit knowledge from the origin, and together gets more things done efficiently in less time; generate more business value under considerably less cost.” says Upendar Rao Kollu (MD, Voyants Solutions Pvt .Ltd)

“The risk involved with data security is high and for anyone/ any enterprise managing its privacy is of utmost importance. Vmoso provides a more secure and robust environment for such successful communication. We have complete faith in the application and wish for its huge success in the Indian market.” says Mr Vishal Singh (MD Royal Expedition).

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