VIVOTEK launches SC8131 stereo camera to optimize retail operations

New Update

VIVOTEK, IP surveillance provider, announced a new stereo network camera for retail solutions, the SC8131. Featuring dual-lens design with VIVOTEK’s self-developed 3D Depth Technology, the SC8131 provides precise tracking and a high counting accuracy of up to 98%. To further optimize retail efficiencies, the camera integrates seamlessly with VIVOTEK’s central management software, VAST, enabling real-time data transfer and comprehensive analysis reports. Furthermore, the SC8131 now is implemented in Asian and Latin American shopping centers and fully integrated with Wavestore Video Management Software (VMS) with more integrations expected in the near future.


“As we move into a new era of IP surveillance, VIVOTEK is proving that the contribution of the network camera extends beyond purely security applications,” said William Ku, Spokesman and Vice President, Brand Business Division, VIVOTEK. “By allocating R&D resources into people-counting analysis, we’ve created the new stereo network camera, SC8131, which allows retailers to accurately measure visitor traffic and helps to drive business growth.”

The SC8131 delivers 3 key benefits for the retail market, including

Accurate traffic analysis: Uniquely designed with a dual-lens, the SC8131 mimics the eyes of human beings. Thanks to its 3D Depth Technology with up to 98% accuracy rate, the camera can distinguish individuals or groups, adult or children, and filter out carts, and strollers. Furthermore, it obtains bi-directional counting on a definable flow and tracking a moving path, avoiding double counting caused by u-turns.

Improve staff management: When retailers recruit security staff or part-time employees to manually count traffic they tend to produce a less than satisfactory result. With VIVOTEK’s SC8131, these valuable human resources now can be managed more efficiently while producing far higher levels of accuracy.

Optimize operating decisions: VIVOTEK is committed to helping retailers think ahead and maximize their ROI. The SC8131 enhances business intelligence via VIVOTEK’s central management software, VAST, which produces dedicated counting reports. These real-time reports can be exported by schedule or for areas in a line chart, bar graph or pie chart and directly exported into Snapshot. And all the data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis. Finally, VAST provides a seamless counting function, which secures counting data all the time, even during unexpected network or power disruption. With VIVOTEK, information vital to your business will always be on hand.

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