Visionet Systems Looking to Hire 1500 Employees in India

Visionet Systems is looking to hire 1500 professionals who can work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP and cryptocurrencies

Visionet Systems India, a technology solutions and business process management company, is ramping up its recruitment drive as it gets ready to hire over 1500 people from a diverse talent pool in the next 60 days. The pandemic’s impact on economy is still a developing story but Visionet India’s MD and CEO of BFSI Business, Alok Bansal says: “COVID-19 has undoubtedly created an economic crisis worldwide but it has also pushed the world towards digital transformation and created a need for professionals who can work with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrencies, NLP’s (Natural Language Processing). An increasing dependence on digitisation, proliferation of remote working models and  technology driven businesses have created an unprecedented demand for  advanced and specific skills  especially in banking, finance and insurance segments.”

Even though the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) stated in May this year that unemployment in India had touched a 12-month high of 11.9%  from 7.97% in April, Visionet Systems is making a commitment to generate as many employment opportunities as it possibly can. Bansal says: “Visionet expects 50 percent growth in 2021 and 2022 and is open to hiring professionals adept at data science, data analytics, loan processing, cyber security and cloud computing. We are seeing a steady expansion of digital transformation initiatives and over the next two months, around 1500 recruitments will feed our Bangalore and Mumbai offices. India has a lot of untapped talent and of Visionet’s global headcount of 7,300 employees, India alone has contributed 55 percent of the employees. “

He believes the country’s youth population is fully capable of unleashing its economic potential and all they need is a direction and the requisite skills to be employable world-wide. As the demand for Information Technology (IT) related jobs increases globally, Visionet hopes to incubate more talent through their ‘Unnati for India’ programme, skill over a lakh graduates over the next five years and employ them gainfully.

Bansal adds: “We will also continue to develop  industry-relevant products and new-age services and to expand our BFSI product and service portfolio. Our special focus on data science, enterprise automation and cloud engineering will continue to generate more employment opportunities and our global target is to complete the hiring process for over 9000 jobs by the end of 2021.”

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