Virtusa Recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix

Virtusa Corporation, the business consulting and IT outsourcing company that accelerates business outcomes for its clients, today announced it has been named a Major Contender in Independent Testing Services by Everest Group, a global services advisory and research firm. The 2017 PEAK Matrix for Independent Testing Services is based on the evaluation of 22 global independent testing service providers across four major parameters: performance, experience, ability, and knowledge.

“Our experience of working with thousands of product releases in cost-constrained environments has helped us adopt innovative and one-of-a-kind testing services solutions,” said Chinthi Weerasinghe, vice president, Independent Validation Services, Virtusa. “Virtusa is renowned for delivering superior quality, faster test cycle execution, and lower testing costs due to our differentiated approach to testing services, resulting in agile solution delivery and faster time to market. We are delighted to be recognized by Everest Group as a Major Contender in independent testing services as we continue to leverage next-gen digital technologies to help our clients respond to market and business changes quickly and efficiently.”

Virtusa is positioned as a Major Contender for its comprehensive testing service offerings, continued investments in test automation tools, developing robust testing capabilities leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and proprietary solutions, and partnerships with niche product vendors. The report also cites Virtusa’s domain expertise and innovation capabilities supported by a range of digital accelerators and tools that compress the development lifecycle of multi-faceted complex engagements. These accelerators include:

VTAF, Virtusa’s award-winning test automation framework, a game-changing solution introducing tool agnostic language-based automation scripts
VOTX, an automation tool for FIX and FAST protocols
Centroid, an RPA based end-to-end test automation tool
TestGAM, an automation tool for demand and capacity management
OSCAr, a black box test designing accelerator ensuring maximum test coverage
Service transformation, an intuitive virtual assistant to process data from defects, production tickets, and historical data that provides insights for test design and prioritization

Leveraging its strong automation, analytics and cognitive capabilities, Virtusa has developed a comprehensive set of quality assurance (QA) tools, accelerators, and frameworks that has enabled it to be the next-gen QA partner for global businesses. Some notable achievements include:

Setting up of a centralized Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) for a client providing customer engagement
and loyalty programs to drive efficiency, increase service maturity, and reduce cost (30 percent cost
reduction on Day 1 and 60% in Year 1)
Designing and executing a progressive test automation plan with 95% coverage across Sales & Distribution workflow for a global bank headquartered in the United States

The Everest Group PEAK Matrix Report for Independent Testing Services presents the assessment and detailed profiles of 22 IT service providers featured on the independent testing services PEAK Matrix. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to a service provider’s scale, scope, technology/domain investments, delivery footprint, and resultant market success in the context of a given services function.

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