Virtusa Appoints Madhavan Satagopan as Executive Vice President

Virtusa Corporation, the provider of digital engineering and IT outsourcing services that accelerate business outcomes for its clients, today announced the appointment of Madhavan Satagopan as Executive Vice President for Non-linear Business Strategies.

In this role, Madhavan will be responsible for driving changes in the company’s go-to-market approach towards non-linear business models, enhancing engagement in the partner and startup ecosystem, and improving the quantum and velocity of innovation for Virtusa and its clients.

Speaking on the appointment, Kris Canekeratne, Chief Executive Officer, Virtusa Corporation, said “We are delighted to welcome Madhavan to the team, where he will work with the best people in the industry and drive excellence with his leadership ability, passion, and focus. I am confident that Madhavan’s experience and capabilities will add strength to our business leaders as we look to continue our strong growth and cement our role as the go-to partner for digital engineering services.”

Samir Dhir, President, Virtusa Corporation, added, “It is a privilege to have a business technologist like Madhavan on board. He is a specialist in incubating NexGen capabilities and his experience covers diverse transformational programs across multiple domains and industries. Under Madhavan’s guidance and leadership, I am confident that Virtusa will continue to reinforce its market-leading business growth, and strengthen its role as a domain and engineering–led innovation partner for our clients”.

With over 24 years of experience in techno-domain specialization, Madhavan Satagopan brings a remarkable track record in establishing specialist groups comprising of solution incubators and subject-matter-experts in tech communities, leading them to become value realization partners and technocrats in the industry.

“Virtusa holds a rich heritage of innovative engineering capabilities, elevating the engineering IQ of tech communities and driving innovation and smart automation for clients. This is an exciting time to work closely with the teams to create a culture that is ready to take on the disruptive innovation that the market demands and help transform our clients’ businesses,” said Madhavan Satagopan.

He further added, “Non-linear means different things to different people. At Virtusa, we look at it as a platform for greater innovation & career enrichment for our team members and acceleration of business outcomes for our clients. Our journey forward will focus on growth by causing industry interventions through collaborations and the synergies between our clients, partners and the growing start-up ecosystem.”

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