Virtualization services will become more imperative

What new trends and technologies have emerged within the data center
With growing virtualization, theres efficiency in the underlying hardware
requirements. Now lesser hardware is needed to do the same work. This is one of
the major factors that would be driving the evolution of data centers.
Virtualizing servers not only realize tremendous cost savings, but also have a
better architecture for availability and ongoing maintenance. The next two years
will bring significant change within the context of the data center.

What are the key challenges businesses face today while managing and
securing their data?
The various challenges companies face today can be categorized under six
areasapplication security and data integrity; business continuity and disaster
recovery; user experience and application performance; storage growth; unified
security enforcement and access control; and managing scale and consolidation.

Vladimir Yordanov, director,
technology, APAC, F5 Networks

How well trained are your partners to sell new technologies and solutions
within the data center space?
We have certification programs that are designed to help F5 partner
resellers and their customers. The F5 certification will assure that one has the
technical know-how to recommend, specify, configure, and install F5 products.

The certification programs help individuals and partners provide effective
pre-sales assistance as well as installation and support services. These
programs include coursework, examinations, and performance objectives designed
to give participants a solid technical understanding of the concepts required
for design and implementation.

What is F5s strategy for the coming months?
Today we have extended our virtualization benefits in the network. Storage
is an adjacent, high-growth market to application delivery driven by the
explosive growth in IT storage capacity as well as escalating management costs.
New methods are needed to allow growth while maintaining control, as the storage
infrastructure is being bombarded and the growth of these same applications in
the enterprise are expected to continue growing for some time.

Subbalakshmi BM

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