'Virtualization helps manage your SAN better'

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In Delhi to address a seminar on storage virtualization, Tom Clark, director,

Solutions and Technologies, McData, talked to Jasmine Kaur of Dataquest about

the movement of the current DC to a scalable, flexible, responsive distribution

of functionality in the underlying storage infrastructure.


How does the concept of virtualization help enterprises enhance the value

of their storage area networks?

According to a statistic, for every $1 spent on storage infrastructure, $7

is spent as operational cost. Virtualizing the entire storage system helps the

applications work on an uncomplicated logical level rather than the

physical-storage level. The underlying physical storage may then be changed

whenever required, typically for array replacement, information lifecycle

management, etc; without impacting the applications utilizing that storage.

How will the VSM act as a value added service in data centers?



VSM stands for the 'virtualization services module', which connects to a

fiber channel solution, the Director, and is then made available to the entire

fabric as a virtualization service. It is a value added service in the Data

Center (DC) environment and connects to the metadata SAN. It allows some sort of

intelligence in the SAN to implement company policies and is capable of

correcting itself when there is any failure or disruption at the physical level.

It also allows DC managers to work seamlessly despite different vendor products.

When will VSM be available in India?

The time frame of VSM's release depends on EMC, which is the first OEM

with which it will be introduced market. The release may be somewhere near

February 2006. Larger companies are migrating to higher-end SAN solutions, where

we are shipping more Directors. The Intrepid 10000 Director is installed in

8,000 DCs around the world. Another solution, the Sphereon, is aggressively

priced for the SMB space and departmental applications. There are also products

for mid-tier companies, which are focused on disaster recovery. While McData

products have been traditionally sold through our partners OEMs like Hitachi,

HP, and IBM we are also planning on direct-level reselling.