Video Surveillance for safer cities

The Surat City Police Department and Surat Traffic Education Trust announced successful deployment of its ‘Safe City Project’. to help enhance the safety and security of Surat City inhabitants.

With the successful project launch on 18 January 2013, the diamond city of Surat in Gujarat will benefit from a 24×7 video surveillance and security command center.

“This project of the government of Gujarat has been executed successfully as a public partnership by the Surat Police Commissionerate,along with Surat Traffic Education Trust, Innovative Telecom and Verint as a technology partner,” confirms Rakesh Asthana,Police Commissioner, Surat City.

The initial phase of the Surat Safe City Project consisted of 100+ closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras covering all major traffic junctions along with critical entry and exit points in the city.

In subsequent phases, the Surat City Police Department and Surat Traffic Education Trust plan to extend the coverage in the city, which has a population of approximately forty five lakh (or about 4,500,000), by integrating the project with the proposed state government surveillance and command center network in Gandhinagar.

To support this project, Verint Systems provided its Nextiva Video Management Software and Nextiva Physical Security Information Management solutions in September 2012, taking the technology live last month as part of the overall Surat Safe City Project rollout.

The city administration plans to increase the number of surveillance locations to 5,000 by the end of the project implementation.

At the heart of the project is the deployment of a state-of-the-art command, control and communications center (C3) with a 280 square foot ‘video wall’ that can centrally monitor, aggregate and analyze multiple surveillance feeds in police headquarters to support the proactive physical security management of the city.

The center includes a city mapping capability that provides reports on physical security and fire alarm and water levels, along with evacuation and disaster recovery plans.

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