Vertiv smart solutions creating efficient IT environments

Vertiv’s smart solutions help cost-effectively achieve and manage higher levels of density, availability and efficiency. Explaining more about the features of the smart solutions through an interaction with Dataquest, is Santosh Kulkarni, Country Manager, Business Development, Vertiv. Excerpts

DQ: How do Vertiv smart solutions optimize existing or new IT environments?

Santosh Kulkarni: Data centers require infrastructure solutions that support IT growth, while offering efficiency to reduce costs and ensure availability and control. Vertiv’s smart solutions are intelligent, easily deployed, integrated infrastructure that utilizes industry best practices to help create efficient IT environments.

Our smart solutions help cost-effectively achieve and manage higher levels of density, availability and efficiency. This integrated approach can help reduce annual energy costs up to 35%, through high-efficiency power, dedicated cooling, and management technologies, while optimizing usable space. There is a reduction in maintenance costs with reliable design and efficient operation that minimizes wear and tear and requires less servicing. Additionally, by streamlining, and centralizing monitoring and management, these solutions can lead to increased IT efficiency.

Our customers can easily operate and manage infrastructure systems through integrated controls, coupled with industry leading service and support provided by local data center design experts. We also ensure continuity of business operations by providing single system start up, warranty, preventive maintenance and repair.

Another key function of our smart solutions is enhanced performance that can anticipate potential problems before they occur with the help of infrastructure monitoring, management appliances and software. These solutions can also save up to 28%, compared to the upfitting a room as a conventional data center.

DQ: What are the advantages of an intelligent and integrated infrastructure?

Santosh Kulkarni:  IT and data center managers increasingly require infrastructure strategies that are alternatives to conventional approaches. These new strategies must include solutions that improve energy efficiency, space utilization, IT productivity, offer location flexibility, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Vertiv’s smart solutions help create savings across the data center and improve operation and management. These solutions provide cost-effective power, precision cooling and management infrastructure to help achieve IT objectives, regardless of data center size and complexity. They also help streamline operations with comprehensive management controls, and lower long-term operational costs with pro-active maintenance programs.

In terms of the operational advantages, these solutions lead to reduction in energy costs with efficient technologies, reduced downtime costs through high availability configurations, and increase in productivity through greater efficiency.

Our intelligent and integrated infrastructure improves the ability to manage and control the IT environment and enables interoperability for seamless implementation and design. With simplified configuration and implementation, it helps reduce the time required for system design, deployment and overall reduction in space and capital requirements.

DQ: Elaborate on the data center-in-a-box and Vertiv’s portfolio of smart solutions.

Santosh Kulkarni: A data-center-in-a-box, also called a containerized or modular data center is a self-contained computing facility, designed and packaged for quick deployment in a variety of locations.

Vertiv’s family of smart solutions are our data-center-in-a-box solutions that enable rapid deployment and management of IT infrastructure without building new data center space, and help facilities meet IT needs with significant savings.

SmartRow – The SmartRow infrastructure solution is a room-neutral design that helps avoid significant costs that come with a conventional data center build out. SmartRow solves problems common to IT management, addressing IT needs without building new data center space.

Simply put, it is data center-in-a-row — a simple, fully integrated row-based infrastructure, which combines up to six data center racks with precision cooling, uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression — all in an enclosed system.

It allows for favorable implementation costs compared to using a conventional data center. This is due to savings from integrated fire suppression and ability to work in an existing non-raised floor environment without dedicated room cooling. It further leads to reduced energy consumption by up to 35% compared to a data center with conventional design.

SmartCabinet– The SmartCabinet is a turn-key infrastructure offering, for network closets, small server rooms or data centers seeking standardization. It also provides housing for installation of active IT switches, routers, servers and other equipment and comes packaged with built-in cooling and power. It enables monitoring of the IT infrastructure through the provision of integrated enclosure, power, cooling and facilitates the most vital element – 360° visibility of all system components.

Additional features include

  • Standardized configurations that are tailored to the application, factory integrated, validated and tested.
  • High availability with network-independent remote management and an extensive emergency service coverage.
  • Security of physical and remote access, with on-site intrusion detection and user rights driven remote management.

SmartCloset– SmartCloset is a standalone self-contained rack with in-built power and cooling. It facilitates the housing and trouble-free installation of active IT equipment like switches, routers, servers and so on – for which, an open environment is not conducive for healthy performance. ​​​This solution is suitable for locations like factories, warehouses, branch off­ices and retail stores where ambient conditions and temperatures are not in control. This single rack for housing both power and active equipment off­ers a small footprint and saves on critical space.

  • By Aanchal Ghatak

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