Veritas unveils new portfolio to tackle unchecked data growth and fragmented storage

New Update

Veritas, Symantec’s information management business, announced new offerings for rapidly evolving enterprise datacenters, as well as significant upgrades to its core portfolio of backup and information management products.


“Data is increasingly viewed as a valued asset, or even a product itself. With it being stored at higher rates than ever, the volume of data is also expected to double every two years,” said Chris Lin, Sales Leader of Asia Pacific & Japan Region, Veritas. “To help companies make sense of their tremendous volumes of data, our new offerings will allow our customers to realize information availability while gathering the insight critical to supporting their business goals.”

This set of product enhancements and new solutions showcases a fundamentally different approach to delivering data and services across multiple cloud environments. Enhancements to current products enable simpler management in hybrid cloud infrastructures and extended protection for VMware and Microsoft virtual environments. Veritas is also introducing new products that enable businesses to delve deep into their data stores to recognize and prioritize information across their organizations.

Veritas brings together a unique combination of experience in application availability and storage management on premises and in the cloud. Veritas also offers management tools that help companies find the estimated 1.5 percent of truly valuable data in their organization to glean information, regardless of underlying infrastructure models.


“There are several driving forces impacting a company’s ability to take advantage of its data today. Businesses and individuals are creating more data than ever – and IT organizations are struggling to manage the increasing scope and size of their data storage needs,” said Laura DuBois, Program Vice President, Storage and GRC Infrastructure, IDC. “Veritas is well positioned to help companies tap into their data to gain more value, as well as ensure the availability and recovery necessary in today’s ever-changing business marketplace.”

“The planned separation of Veritas from Symantec is an important milestone for the industry. As many IT environments struggle to achieve better data protection, data preservation, high availability and storage management, Veritas’s vision of information availability and insights promises a full suite of solutions and services that companies should look to from storage infrastructure to insight. It will be extremely exciting to watch Veritas build on its data protection and data management pedigree with new storage insights and intelligence that align with tomorrow’s IT challenges,” said Jason Buffington, Sr. Analyst on Data Protection, Enterprise Strategy Group.

Key product updates and new releases include:


Veritas NetBackup  7.7, the latest iteration of Symantec’s industry-leading, enterprise-grade backup solution adds new functionality and increased performance to support the largest, most dynamic enterprise environments. NetBackup 7.7 introduces enhanced datacenter integration for VMware vSphere 6 and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as support for hybrid-cloud deployments leveraging Amazon Web Services, Google Nearline and many more. Cloud performance has also been improved and is up to thirty times faster than previous versions. A single solution for the entire enterprise, NetBackup 7.7 empowers IT organizations to reduce complexity and outpace relentless datacenter growth.

Veritas  InfoScale addresses enterprise business continuity needs for complex, multi-tiered applications in physical and virtual environments. InfoScale solutions provide application availability and software-defined storage to meet datacenter challenges such as operational complexity, tool proliferation, unpredictable service levels and lack of agility through a single, web-based management interface. InfoScale is available via a new, streamlined purchasing model.

Veritas Resiliency Platform offers a unified, global approach for IT service continuity, helping to ensure critical data and applications remain accessible at all times across complex, multi-vendor physical and virtual environments. Available now, the Resiliency Platform helps customers ensure critical business applications consistently meet stringent Service Level Agreements. The solution brings visibility, simplicity and automation to service continuity, restoring predictability across enterprise IT business services.

Veritas  Data Insight 5.0 will extend unstructured data analytics to support governance across on-premises storage platforms and Box cloud storage. Through enhanced access control tracking and entitlements orchestration, Data Insight will help ensure file share security. By applying a user-centric lens to data forensics, Data Insight offers business users the ability to monitor anomalous user activity and behavior. Coming later this summer, Data Insight version 5.0 will continue to expand the application of data analytics to facilitate retention management, achieve access compliance, and gain a better understanding of how user risk relates to data sensitivity.          

Veritas  Information Map is the first cloud application built on the Information Fabric technology that will enable companies to gain better visibility into their unstructured data. Information Map will easily glean metadata from Veritas NetBackup, store it in the cloud and present this data in a user-friendly, visual navigation tool that helps identify areas of risk, areas of value and areas of waste across a customer’s primary content repositories. Coming later this summer, the Information Map will help businesses make decisions that reduce information risk and optimize information storage.