Vendor Strategies


  • Focus on strengthening service infrastructure, from the existing Bangalore center to
    other parts of India, in a phased manner.
  • Create a brand image built-up through aggressive campaigning with a regional focus.
    Implement emarketing of products in India.
  • Position products in the market according to size, usage, segments and technology.
    Set up assembly plants for monitors in India.
  • Focus on local value-addition through customer/market feedback.
  • Focus on building innovative products with built-in ‘intelligent’ features for
    the millennium.


  • Increase market share through product innovation.
  • Be a niche player in the home and internet-driven markets.
  • Design and develop innovative products optimized for the internet.
  • Maintain and develop a loyal channel across India through relationship-building.
  • Create awareness through seminars and roadshows in India.


  • Move into the domestic market.
  • Work with OEMs and with distributors for domestic market supply.
  • Leverage on the manufacturing plant, and research and development center in India.
  • Increase domestic business through shorter lead times, faster delivery and protection on
    forex fluctuations.
  • Leverage on country-wide dealer penetration.
  • Leverage on the new corporate identity of ‘Digital BPL’ for the millennium.
  • Launch innovative models in early 2000.

Comptech Electronics

  • Feed on regular clientele established over years through relationship-management.
  • To give the latest product and technology available in the world to Indian customers.
  • Increase OEM supplies to PC vendors.
  • Maintain and build channel loyalty through innovative programs.
  • Widen range of products to include HDDs, motherboards, CD-ROMs enabling increased sales
    by PC vendors.
  • Tie-up with foreign partners to set up monitor assembly plants in India.

Samsung Electronics

  • Manufacture and market India-specific products like the Samtron series.
  • Segment the market according to size, application, buying patterns and technology.
  • Focus on each customer category–home, internet, system integrators, distributors
    and corporate.
  • Leverage on its strength as the world’s leading component manufacturer.
  • Introduce latest technologies/products.
  • Work closely with system integrators across India.
  • Get direct customer feedback and analyze data collected to study buying patterns and
  • Leverage on B2B ecommerce infrastructure set up to, communicate, transact and track
    marketing and sales.
  • Prepare to set up a monitor assembly plant in India.

Sony India

  • To be a niche player in the monitor business and focus on high-end segments such as
    graphics, animation, process control and software development.
  • Launch technologically-advanced products for the high-end market.
  • Segment the market into home, SOHO, professional and graphics series and consolidate its
    share in each.
  • Create theme advertising, like the ‘perfection series’, to get across to
  • Sustain a 50% annual growth.


  • Leverage on its manufacturing capabilities in India to supply large volumes.
  • Add another manufacturing and assembly facility at an investment of Rs2 crore in Daman
    in 2000.
  • Offer latest quality products at competitive prices.
  • Build a brand through advertisements in trade magazines—projected cost Rs1
    crore—and promotional schemes for its channel partners.
  • Launch website and start online ordering feature for channel partners.
  • Introduce technology products with quality and novelty.
  • Create awareness programs to end-users and channels through roadshows and seminars.
  • Build and strengthen a larger distribution channel across India.
  • Identify future customers and address them in schools, homes and other educational
  • Strengthen its website and work on ecommerce for online transactions.
  • Focus on select states and major cities for sales and marketing in a phased manner.
    HCL Peripherals
  • Tieup with Korean and Taiwanese partners on contract manufacturing basis for assembly of
    color monitors in India.
  • Trade in monitors of other vendors alongside its own products.
  • Start a new color monitor assembly line in Pondicherry in addition to existing
    monochrome monitor plants.
  • Substantially increase supply of monitors for consumption outside HCL group.
  • Have a brand-building exercise in place to reach out to customers.
  • Diversify into manufacture of terminals, POS screens and multi-lingual-supporting
  • Increase OEM supplies to PC vendors.

Microtek International

  • To play a leading role in shifting the market from 14" to 15".
  • Build awareness among customers by setting up technology demo-centers across India.
  • Double its network of services across India at an investment of Rs10 crore.
  • Encourage customers and channel partners with such schemes as gifts and contests.
  • Offer 3-year warranties on all products and components.
  • Leverage on manufacturing and assembly plants located in India to cater to large
    volumes, at the same time maintaining competitive prices.


  • To be perceived as a vertically integrated company, from TVs to monitors.
  • Become a global component manufacturer in India for monitors.
  • Invest Rs400 crore to start manufacture of CDT/color glass in India by year 2000 end.
  • Produce large volumes for domestic and international markets.
  • Capture 5% of the global market share by 2003, mainly the USA, Europe and the Far East.
  • Cash in on quick delivery and lead time to vendors.
  • Focus on research and development and designing of products in India.
  • Aggressively get into brand building.

LG Electronics

  • Proactively launch technologically advanced products.
  • Have products in all segments, from casual surfer to serious CAD user.
  • Design products with a futuristic requirement in mind.
  • Leverage on the new corporate identity using ‘technology to make life easy’.
  • Spend ‘several million dollars’ towards brand building.
  • Identify and encourage channel partners as an extension of LG and install an Indian
    domain for online sales, service and support to future partners.
  • To consider the possibility of setting-up a monitor manufacturing plant in India.

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