Valeo and Capgemini launch smart digital mobility solution- Mov’InBlue

Valeo, a global automotive supplier, and Capgemini, a global provider in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, announced the launch of Mov’InBlue, a brand new mobility solution designed specifically for corporate fleets and vehicle rental companies. Ten months after the announcement of the collaboration between the two companies, Mov’InBlue is available today in France and Europe.

Mov’InBlue is a solution for secure fleet reservation and management, based on the Valeo InBlue intelligent key technology which allows one to lock, unlock and start a vehicle using a smart phone. It allows rental companies to offer their clients a digital alternative, from vehicle pick-up to return, without the constraints of an agency (counters, opening hours, waiting lines, vehicle localization). At the same time, Mov’InBlue minimizes vehicle down time for maintenance operations (vehicle inspection, cleaning, filling fuel tanks) and enables the development of new business models, such as very short-term rental. Parcours (long-term rental) and Rent ACar (short-term rental) are the first companies to adopt Mov’InBlue, using a collaborative development model.

“With Mov’InBlue, we will be able to provide our customers with a much better and 100% digital experience, maximize the use of our vehicles with no agency opening hour constraints, and thus offer services that are tailored specifically to customer needs of,”explains Oscar Boré, Innovation and Business Development Manager at RentACar.

For corporate fleet managers, the use of efficient car-sharing will become increasingly easy through, for example, the optimization of reservation planning and key management. They will also be better able to control fleet size and availability, thanks to data collection in real time (maintenance, usage rates).

Mov’InBlue is offered as a white label, on the basis of one subscription per vehicle. This subscription covers the relevant equipment and its installation, service management, technical support, and, if necessary, integration within the client’s information system.

The solution offers features including notably the ability to unlock your vehicle without a connection to the GSM network. It is compatible with more than 95% of vehicles currently available, and is already planning to evolve and adapt to the future needs of automakers, while ensuring continued functionality. Finally, it will also integrate a number of other services (parking, fuel), provided through Valeo/Capgemini’s development of partnerships on a global scale.

With Mov’InBlue, Valeo and Capgemini offer technological and industrial solution for the needs of the vehicle renting and sharing market. The solution is also aimed at vehicle manufacturers, as well as all major players in the mobility industry who want to bring their services into the digital age (parking, toll booths, filling stations).

“Valeo is reinforcing its position as a technological leader in the field of connected mobility. This solution, which is compatible with all cars on the road, allows us to quickly deploy our virtual key to better understand future demands, improve our services, and keep up with user needs,” says Jacques Aschenbroich, Valeo Chairman and CEO.

“Mov’InBlue is the result of the combined expertise of our two companies. Innovative business solutions are driving the digital future of the automotive industry.Thanks to this solution we will enable our automotive clients in their new business models and end-to-end solutions for the digital age of mobility while offering new experiencesfor drivers” explains Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO of Capgemini Group.

To speed up the deployment of Mov’InBlue, Valeo and Capgemini have decided to bring together all the teams involved with the project in the centre of Paris. This new project platform will open by the end of 2016, and will act as a digital laboratory and as a showcase for the agile “start-up” collaboration between the two groups.

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