Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra get priority for smart cities programme

Keeping in mind the geographical area of each state and the state’s population, the center has chosen key states for showcasing their smart city initiatives. In the ‘City Challenge’ competition launched by the government, Uttar Pradesh will get to nominate 13 cities, Tamil Nadu can nominate 12, while Maharashtra can nominate 10 cities, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 7; Gujarat with 6 and and Karnataka with 6. Each state in the north-east can nominate only one city for the challenge.

Sources in the ministry said that all cities compete with each other to comply to the specific parameters drawn up by the Union government. Cities within a state will have to compete with each other, and after the nominations, 20 cities will be chosen for the first phase of funding in 2015-16.

The remaining cities will be given an opportunity to make up for their deficiencies to enable them to qualify for the next two rounds where 40 cities will be chosen in 2016-17 and the remaining 40 in the subsequent next year.

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