US & Israeli Security Experts Join Uniken to Reinforce Global Expansion

Uniken, a leading digital security firm in India, announcedthe appointment of Dr. Thane Plambeck and Greg Whitehead, as members of its Technology Advisory Council, as Uniken seeks expansion of operations to global markets. Dr. Thane & Greg, both renowned cryptographers, will support Uniken in its product strategy and positioning in a global market. Being successful serial entrepreneurs themselves, Dr. Thane & Greg bring years of experience in establishing a new product and innovative technology in a new market.

A leading cyber-security strategist, Menny Barzilay, has also been appointed in the capacity of Chief Security Evangelist.Menny Barzilay, a former CISO in Israeli Defence Forces, will play an integral management role aiding Uniken’s market development efforts in global markets.

Sanjay Deshpande, CEO and Co-Founder, Uniken, says, “We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Thane, Greg and Menny joinour growing team. They come with a strong technology background and with their experience in the start-up space, we’re confident that they will help us immenselyin establishing ourselves in new global markets.”

Dr. Thane Plambeck’s notable work includes serving in a consulting capacity to the US Government on cryptographic security & computer networking and developing one of the first commercial X.509 digital certificate products, along with his colleagues Anil Gangolli and Greg Whitehead. He was a co-founder of Post Modern Computing (acquired by Borland), Numerical Technologies (acquired by Synopsys), and Structured Arts (acquired by VeriSign). Dr. Thane Plambeck holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University (1990).

Greg Whitehead was a co-founder of Trustgenix (acquired by HP), where he drove industry standards for digital identity, and a co-founder of Structured Arts (acquired by Verisign), where he developed digital security products and drove advancements in authenticated payment. He has also worked at Apple and Sun Microsystems, and holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University (1990).

Both Thane and Greg are currently principals of Counterwave Inc. a start-up incubator and technology investment office based in San Francisco, California.

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