For Us, Going Digital Means, Transforming The Organisation Across Processes

—Ashok Jade CIO, Shalimar Paints

Ashok Jade

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organisation?

If we ask this question as much multiple times and as to many people, I am sure that many different flavor of the answer will come. Few may explain why should we go digital rather than defining what is digital. Anyway, lets look at – What the customer expects – Easy, Faster, Simpler and Innovative solution, product and services.So, for us, Going Digital means, transforming the organisation across processes, product and services, making it simpler, faster, easier and more and more innovative using cutting age technologies. Engage customers, vendors, employese through technology and usher in a competitive advantage for business growth.

 What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverable you expect or already coming in?

Shalimar Paints has already started its digital journey. As this is a journey, so will continue for years. We have team of people from various functions like IT, Service, Sales, SC who do regular review and study of processes, product and services and propose how it can be simplified. Once this team is ready with their proposal, IT team will take next step of digitization. The target is fixed – either it should be simplification or innovation. We have launched our Mobile Platform for our Sales Team called “Empower” We have launched Mobility Platform called “Samvaad” for our Dealers and Distributors. We have launched our Analytics Platform called “Rapid” We have launched our multi-channel integrated Influencer Management platform called “Bandhan” for our Painters and Contractors. These initiatives are helping our own employees, our dealers and distributors, Painters and Contractors, Vendors and Partners

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