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Multi Cloud, AI, ML, IoT to Pave Way for Digital Transformation: Gaurav Mishra, Crayon Software

Over the years, cloud computing has become a ‘buzz word’ when talking about digital transformation. Companies are using digital technologies to unlock new sources of economic value. In an interaction with Dataquest, Gaurav Mishra, LSP Head, Crayon Software Experts India Pvt Ltd shared his views on the future trends of digital transformation, challenges associated with it and how Software Experts can help organizations fulfill their Cloud needs.

Q1. What are the upcoming trends in the market place wherein digital transformation is concerned and how are customers reacting to it?

Ans. It is virtually impossible for enterprises to thrive in today’s highly competitive, globalized business environment without updating old legacy systems and outdated business management practices. Digital transformation refers to the gradual process of implementing advanced technological tools across the entirety of a business’ operations, to improve the value delivery to customers. Undergoing this metamorphosis isn’t as simple as updating hardware, software, data analysis and business intelligence tools. True digital transformation involves leveraging multiple cutting-edge technologies for a smoother and seamless execution of processes to gain a competitive edge over business rivals.

Once you’ve defined your goals for implementing digital transformation initiatives, it can help achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Some of the more advanced technologies currently disrupting the global business environment include solutions leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, business analytics and automation, IoT devices, mobile, cloud computing and state of the art cyber security tools. These technologies are indispensable and form the basis of your entire digital transformation journey.

Q 2. How has the ongoing industry shift to the cloud affected Crayon Software? What have you done to ensure that you are able to fulfill your customers’ cloud needs?

Ans. We’re seeing the most significant wider business and IT market transformation since the development of the internet. At this point, many vendors are continuing to develop and modify their go-to-market strategy. Crayon is a good example of an organization that largely tried to do everything itself with regards to its cloud offering. For us as a business, the cloud is an ongoing and accelerating opportunity. Initially market development does not happen as quickly as you would expect, but the appeal of leveraging the enterprise agility and the potential cost benefits of hyper-scaled computing within the cloud, enabling self-provisioning and other capabilities are accelerating the market rapidly. Another consequence of the rise of the cloud is the prevalence of information and the rise of IP designed to organize and analyze that information. These dynamics are further complicating the landscape for our customers, cloud and the typical hybrid environments now being run or implemented by most of the global enterprises. Crayon’s cloud solutions, which we can resell to customers across the world, both differentiate us and enhance our overall capabilities. Indeed, our broad solutions offerings, paired with our original SAM-centric consulting DNA, have transformed us into a full cloud transformation and enablement leader.

Q3. The biggest problem most of the organizations face today is embracing changes; how do you deal with such situations?

Some of the biggest names in the industry failed to succeed because they didn’t embrace change. Or when they did, it was too late. The “everything runs in the cloud” strategy is the key for most of the organization out there. Enterprises prioritizing on-premises asset reduction and following the operating expense model may find it helpful to embrace “lift and shift” to the IaaS process. This is also an opportunity to revisit existing environments and aggressively right-size them for the cloud, turn off unused environments, and potentially realize cost savings. Other recommendations are:

  • Drive cloud adoption through both the technical expertise of IT departments and through CXOs’ providing training and support.
  • Create a team dedicated to driving cloud adoption because this is critical to success.
  • Use a business problem that you are trying to solve as the core of every cloud services decision. But be sure to balance business and technical factors in making that decision.
  • Remember that one size does not fit all. Each organization should determine how to grow cloud services.
  • Use the cloud as an opportunity to downsize, right-size, and optimize to combat server sprawl.
  • Use the scalability and capabilities of PaaS when developing or re-architecting applications for the cloud.
  • Consider a hybrid strategy when moving multi-tier applications to the cloud.
  • Keep applications in the cloud modular to take advantage of cloud resiliency.
  • Aggressively suspend or eliminate underused and abandoned servers.
  • Realize that cloud adoption will change the IT roles in any organization. Agile development skills will become increasingly important. Prepare staff for the skill sets that are required to manage a hybrid infrastructure.

The way Crayon differentiates itself from competition is by focusing on optimizing customer value, building on the unique IP we have around TCO/ROI, provisioning, and automation around hyper scale cloud providers. Crayon can address both the Enterprise customer looking for stability and consistency around Cloud and SME’s looking for gaining access to the newer Cloud technologies, with a clear motive that everybody will gain access to the technology and everybody can embrace the new waves of innovation that’s coming in the market.

Crayon as a company, has always worked in the true spirit of partnership, and believes that an association between two organizations always needs to be transparent to foster a stronger relationship, which can certainly lead to mutual success.

By Ankit Parashar

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