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Upcoming Health Tech startups to look out for

Health Tech startups are bound to grow as they use disruptive technology to improve the infrastructure of the existing healthcare industry

The advancement of technology plays a vital role in shaping consumers life. Technology is solving real problems, some of them trivial, some pretty serious, but it feels a little odd that it is still not widely being applied to the world of health. That is where Health Tech startups can make a difference.

With technology, an impactful initiative Digital India gave another push to ease consumer needs. During 2019, the application of digital health will continue to go far beyond the traditional system and empower individuals to be able to manage their own health

The world has witnessed various innovative startups that help from ordering medicine online to take an appointment to have a CCU at home.

The year 2019 has seen a steep rise in healthcare startups. Here are 5 upcoming Health Tech startups:


Docttocare which was started in 2016 is based out of Bangalore. The online healthcare portal lets users from non-metro cities access quality healthcare and book an appointment with major hospitals located in metro cities. The startup also arranges transport for patients, if necessary. Docttocare currently has tie-ups with healthcare solution providers such as Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Sakra Hospital, ARTEMIS, BLK hospitals, and others.


Founded in 2010, CANscript is a unique diagnostic platform that delivers treatment response predictions. The platform utilises a clinical data-trained algorithm to deliver a response prediction per treatment tested with a high correlation to clinical outcome. integrates physical fitness (, mental fitness (, healthy food ( and recently launched a primary care ( vertical, which includes doctor consultation, health checkup and managed care plans on a single platform. While focuses on improving an individual’s physique strength and fitness; focuses on suggesting healthy and nutritive food diet, and for mental wellbeing.


Built on its integration and interoperability platform, Innovaccer helps providers with artificial intelligence applications for care management, physician burnout reduction, and patient engagement. Some of their clients include Hartford Healthcare, University of California, Mercy ACO Iowa, UniNet Healthcare Network of Nebraska, Inmediata Health Integrated Solutions of Puerto Rico, StratiFi Health Network.


DocsApp is a platform that has on-board only specialist doctors who are then connected with patients in under 30 minutes. The platform goes a step further in understanding the patient’s condition and, accordingly, connecting with the right doctor. The platform offers multi-language service across India with expertise in more than 18 areas such as pediatrics, gynecology, psychology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, and so on.

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