Unrelenting demand for real-time information puts enormous pressure on organizations

How big a challenge is security for CIOs?
It is a daunting challenge for CIOs. Todays business environment is
characterized by an unrelenting demand for real-time information from employees,
partners, and customers. This puts an enormous pressure on businesses and IT
organizations when you consider three variables: the compounding amount of
information that companies have to store, secure, and manage; the increasing
infrastructure complexity within the organization; and the diversity of
government and industry regulations with which organizations must comply.

Today, the threat landscape is arguably more dynamic than ever before. As
security measures are developed and implemented to protect the computers of end
users and organizations, attackers are rapidly adapting new techniques and
strategies to circumvent them.

What are the essential constituents of an effective security strategy?
An effective security strategy must be policy driven, information centric,
and operationalized across a well-managed infrastructure. By operationalizing
security, we mean standardizing and automating processes, integrating products
and services, and streamlining workflows and reporting. This will not only drive
down the costs of day-to-day activities but will provide stakeholders with an
increased understanding of the overall IT risk.

Vishal Dhupar, MD,
Symantec India

What is Symantecs strategy on the issue of security?
Symantec delivers a comprehensive and integrated set of security products
and services that enable businesses to design and implement a highly effective
security strategy, which is risk-based. Our goal is to provide comprehensive
protection to business interactions, critical information, and IT

The first layer of our security strategy addresses IT policy management. All
large and publicly traded companies have IT and security policies they need to
enforce. The second layer addresses information risk management to protect the
information. The final layer relates to establishing the need for a well-managed
infrastructure, specifically around endpoint security. Proper security
precautions must be put in place to protect the growing number of endpointsfrom
servers and PCs to laptops and mobile phones.

Shrikanth G

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