Unlocking the potential with open source

How can the combination of virtualization with open source platform
benefit enterprises from a CIOs perspective?
We think from the customers point, that he doesnt have to buy anything new
or extra. This is because the capabilities already exists with the customer,
since he is using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5). In case, the customer
has subscribed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4), he can easily upgrade to
RHEL5 as per our policy, which allows upgradation for the subscription period.
So, once he unlocks that potential, he is going to get returns on investments.

All the CIOs know that normally a server is utilized 30% because if it goes
beyond 50-60%, then every administrative charge jumps up and for that the CIO
needs an extra server. With such kind of utilization, theres the unutilized
capacity. Now, this unutilized capacity can be utilized with virtualization
technology. By virtualization of servers, the customer can work with multiple
operating systems, using the same existing hardware at no extra cost.

For the AMC (annual maintenance cost), the same vendor can provide service to
the customer and the same hardware is used by the customer, it helps to save
cost on AMC.

How secured is Open Source platform and virtualization for enterprises?
Open source is becoming synonymous with security. Typically at Red Hat, we
have a security projectSecurity Enhanced Linux (SEL), which is integrated with
our operating systems. Its been offered on physical servers and the same kind
of security is offered on the virtualized environments also. For example, the
RHEL5 comes with SEL certification of EAL4 level. Suppose you are doing simple
task like FTP, then it already has the security cover as its inbuilt and
available on the virtual platform the same way it is present on the physical
servers. Hence, the customer is not charged extra for the security.

Can you tell us about the Microsoft, Red Hat agreement on
Recently, we announced an interoperability agreement with Microsoft, where
we have assured to support each others customers need and environments in
future. Its a great step as we agreed to support the customers choice and
respect the freedom of choice to use technology.

Pankaj Maru/CMN

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