Unlimit Tracksuite of Offering: An all Inclusive Solution for Transport and Logistic Sector

Unlimit Tracksuite of Offering provides end-to-end monitoring to ease logistical operations, improve bottom line, and fully comply with standards and regulations

Unlimit, the only end-to-end IoT service provider in India and part of the Reliance ADA Group, announced the launch of Unlimit Tracksuite of Offering, an all-inclusive solution to track, secure, analyse, and ensure productivity of vehicle fleets, cargo and warehouses. It addresses some of the key challenges faced in the supply chain industry by providing increased efficiency, improved sustainability, lower costs, and compliance of standards and regulations. Among its key features are end-to-end vehicle tracking, monitoring of driving behaviour, maintenance of temperature and security.

The transportation and logistics sector is witnessing largescale digital innovation. According to the report ‘Logistics Market in India 2015-2020’ by market researcher Novonous, the logistics industry in India is pegged at $300 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.17 per cent by 2020. About 90 per cent of trucks in India belong to single-truck owners, which makes the sector ripe for digital connectivity and aggregation platforms.

“Typically, the transport and logistics sector work efficiently if connectivity, scheduling, compliance and security are well aligned – and this is exactly what “Unlimit Tracksuite of Offering” does. The industry is currently experiencing a transformative phase and we believe this is the right time to introduce our disruptive solution. The improved asset tracking, safety, efficiency, and insights that this solution delivers will allow scalable, trusted and secure exchange of information. The Unlimit team is constantly innovating, researching and building newer ways to enable enterprises to effectively engage with their customers,” explained Mr Jürgen Hase, CEO, Unlimit.

Since 2016, Unlimit has excelled in providing a unique environment to its customers, giving the end-organization an opportunity to pilot emerging IoT solutions in a live retail scenario along with a sturdy growth.

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