Unity Technologies Partners with Veative Labs for Center of Excellence

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Unity Technologies announced a partnership with Veative Labs to launch a Center of Excellence (CoE) at Veative’s India office in Noida (NCR). Together Unity and Veative Labs, the creator of high quality 3D, VR, AR and Mixed Reality (MR) learning content, will employ over 300 full-time skilled resources as it builds the largest content library outside of gaming in offices in India and several other countries.


The Center of Excellence will focus on providing immersive technology solutions for academics (school and university education), skill development, vocational training, and enterprise applications for industries such as defense, tourism, retail, construction and engineering. The center aims at creating an umbrella framework for actions pertaining to 3D/AR/VR and to be a platform for adapting the best practices in the evolving domains. The center will bring a better learning experience to Unity developers around the globe with high quality 3D, VR, AR and MR content and teaching tools. The Center of Excellence will give a platform to rising developers to connect, collaborate and interact with each other and will be given specialized skills training program.

The CoE will also provide support for local governments toward training and development, testing and certification and help set occupational standards using immersive technologies.

Industry Potential


Unity is uniquely positioned to leverage this opportunity and has been empowering developers globally to create content across domains. Unity mobile developers have generated an estimated $12.4 billion USD in net revenue over the past two years, with 18% of all 2015/16 Worldwide Net Mobile Games Revenue coming from content developed on Unity platforms.

Quentin Staes-Polet, Director South Asia/ANZ, Unity Technologies, said, ‘’Unity is the leading platform for developing a broad range of applications from games to the quickly evolving worlds of virtual and mixed reality production. Veative shares our vision for rapid innovation, and we are excited to partner with them to accelerate creation and continue bridging the gap between a booming industry and qualified developers’’.

Vipin Goyal, Director Strategy & Operations Veative Labs, said, “We are delighted to be a preferred partner with Unity Technologies and launch a Center of Excellence. Industry has a lot of needs and tremendous opportunity to benefit from high end immersive experience using 3D/AR/VR/MR technologies. This is just the beginning of a much bigger journey for us. Veative’s mission is to make a difference in this space and become a leader in providing effective 3D/AR/VR/MR interactive content and solutions to make immersive experience affordable to masses and an integral part of our day to day life.”

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