Union Budget 2023

Union Budget 2023: Government of India to Focus on Job Creation with Technologically-driven Mission

Union budget 2023 has been announced at the Parliament, in what Nirmala Sitharaman, union minister of finance, Government of India termed as the first budget of the “AmritKaal”. “This is the first budget in Amrit Kaal, this budget hopes to build on the foundation laid in previous budget and the blueprint laid for India@100, we envision a prosperous and inclusive India in which the fruits of development reach all,” she said.

The minister highlighted that India’s GDP was one of the highest inspite of global headwinds like war and recession, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Sitharaman also highlighted that this budget would focus on employment for women, as well as prosperity of farmers. “The world has recognized India as a bright star, our growth for current year is estimated at 7.0%, this is the highest among all major economies, in spite of massive global slowdown caused by pandemic and the war,” said Sitharaman.

Sitharaman reiterated that their vision for AmritKaal was driven by technology. “Our Amritkaal Vision is tech-driven  leading us towards a knowledge-based economy with a robust financial sector,” added Sitharaman while highlighting that special emphasis will be given to job creation and employment within the country especially for youth. “There is a large potential to be tapped in tourism. The sector holds huge opportunities for Jobs and Entrepreneurship for youths,” the further commented.

Sitharaman further said that: “Economic agenda for our vision focuses on facilitating opportunities for citizens, providing strong impetus to growth and job creation and strengthening macroeconomic stability.” To provide support to 47 lakh youths in 3 years, a Direct Benefit Transfer under a pan India national apprenticeship scheme will also be rolled out.

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