Understanding the evolved home security system 

Currently available home security system today merely only sends you a trigger or alarm, in case of unexpected activities

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The pandemic has gotten everyone not only in a hybrid work environment but also a lifestyle that allows longer travel, short term relocation and otherwise long quarantine periods. While such remote working trends continue, a lot of consumers are now tasked with an added sense of responsibility as they stay away from home for longer periods, and with that comes a growing concern for home security.  


Since the pandemic there have been multiple instances in the news of thefts and burglaries, and it shows that while consumers today are keen on using the latest smartphones and other personal gadgets the same purchase trend habit isn’t reflected while considering home security systems. In the year 2020, over 493 thousand theft cases were reported across India.  

A burglary or theft can lead to disturbing consequences both emotionally and financially. While the financial loss may be recoverable, the trauma on your family and you might last forever. Hence, it is through the adoption of home security devices that one can ascertain safety in case of such eventuality.   

The world beyond window grills 


Indian consumers, for generations, have trusted the padlock on the door and grills on their windows but home security today is has evolved. Like every other thing technology has advanced and whether they are locks or home cameras, individuals can control smart devices from their fingertips on their phones regardless of where they are. We, for instance, have been focused on innovation and R&D for more than 5  years and have spent more than 10% of our revenue year on year to understand how to bring the most advanced and convenient solutions to consumers today. Electronic security solutions are not just setting up a single product but is about designing a modern home with an integrated network of products that work together to secure your home. From Wireless Alarm Systems to Video Door Phones to Home Lockers and  Home Cameras.

How to customise home security basis needs 

Choosing a security system for your home sounds troublesome, but it simply requires an understanding of your current needs and understanding what the latest innovations are. For example, young individuals living on their own may not require a comprehensive system with a home locker but will see how useful having a camera is. At the same time, a family may recognize the importance of having a smart locker that is connected over internet to communicate alerts when subjected to attack through a mobile app.


As there are several companies in the market providing different products, selecting the best one can be difficult. Hence it is recommended that you choose a reputed brand that is well-recognized and ranked amongst the best. There are also certain latest innovations in the technologies that consumers need to know about eg: electronic home security solutions are getting upgraded by incorporating features like image and video capturing, intelligent motion detection and alert, wireless technology to connect sensors with the alarm panel.

Even safes are now intelligent and can connect over internet to communicate alerts when subjected to attack. Electronic home security solution systems are designed in a way that is convenient for home-owners. For example, most products offer Wi-Fi connectivity, these systems use the internet to allow users to speak to their visitors even when they are not at home. Wifi Alarm Systems communicate alarms over internet in real-time, CCTV feed can now be viewed over the internet on any smart device. 

Data protection and privacy is more important than we realize


One of the things we must consider while opting for home security solutions is data privacy, choosing solutions that protect your data and not leave you and your family vulnerable. Not to mention, like everything else this data is also stored on cloud, which ensures that the cloud server is not just protecting your data but also making it accessible to only select devices that are password protected. What the biggest advantage and a differentiating factor when it comes to cloud is which country the server is located in. Products that offer cloud servers that are Indian origin are much more secure and at low risk compared to those whose servers in other countries. These are things crucial for consumers to understand and it’s important for one’s awareness in these areas to be strong in today’s world.

Additionally, if your home security solution provides two-way communication, it's an added benefit. This also leads to a proactive and not a reactive approach. Most security solutions today send you a trigger or alarm, in case of unexpected activities. The pandemic has made consumers realize the increased need for home surveillance not only to protect property but to also secure the safety of their loved ones remotely. According to recent research, The Cocoon Effect by Godrej Security Solutions, 81% respondents worry about the health and well-being of their parents or children at home when they leave them alone. With lockdowns across the country and older parents stuck in different cities, home cameras are a non-intrusive way of staying connected to them.

The article has been written by Swapneel Nagarkar, Sr.VP & Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions