'Understand the seriousness of spyware, Internet hacking'

DQI Bureau
New Update

A leading player in the web-content filtering market, Websense has come out

with solutions to help enterprises evolve a more efficient employee-Internet

environment. Tom Gibb, director, Asia-Pacific Sales spoke to Jasmine Kaur of

Dataquest about the company's Indian initiatives. Excerpts:


How does Websense address employee-Internet management?

Websense adds an additional layer of security to the enterprise, allowing
businesses to monitor, report, and manage how their employees use the Internet.

This supports the organization's efforts to improve employee productivity,

conserve network bandwidth, and mitigate legal liability. Our suites keep a tab

on more than 13 mn protocols, URLs, and websites; preventing employees from

going to spyware sites, falling prey to phishing, and even Internet hacking. The

other functions are resolving resource issues and providing security from

unsuspected virus downloads through attachments in instant messaging. Our most

recent launch, the Websense corporate edition, helps centralized IT

administrators set universal Internet-access policies, while allowing remote

administrators to adopt lower-level policies to reflect local standards and

requirements. All reports coming out of the system help companies set policies

for employee-Internet usage.

What are the various deployment levels on which the offerings work?



Our products work at three control points. Those at the desktop level provide

defense against blended threats, malware, virus outbreak, etc. Solutions at the

network level help prioritize business-critical processing. At the

Internet-gateway level we exercise control on bandwidth-intensive downloads,

spyware, and cyber slacking. Depending on the level of deployment, the solution

can cost an average of $20 per seat. We have also forged an agreement with

Nortel to develop web-content filtering solution to protect GSM/UMTS mobile

handsets from receiving and accessing unwarranted content.