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The Unbeatable Features of the New Age Learning Management System

It is imperative that organisation leverage Learning Management System that uses robust and advanced tools to develop training sessions and track employee performance

It is no secret that the IT industry is a fast-moving burgeoning industry. For companies to stay ahead of the competition in this sector, they should be able to leap over every challenge and innovation each day brings. Within the realm of operations lies the need to constantly elevate and evaluate the knowledge and competency of their workforce through strategic training. In today’s knowledge economy, where time to market is key to business success, the need for a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that can systematically implement Learning solutions has greatly increased.

It is imperative that organisation leverage LMS that uses robust and advanced tools to develop training sessions and track employee performance. Today, considering that there are many LMS vendors and endless and list of features for companies to choose from, there are quite a few decisive factors that an organisation needs to consider while adopting one.

Whether it’s your first time with an LMS or you’re considering a transition from your prevailing one, a cloud-based LMS can prove to be a game changer, right from enabling businesses to promote a personalised, healthy learning environment that can track and monitor all aspects of training and development by setting training paths, sessions and reinforcing learning.

Playing Towards a Learner’s Strength

The learning model itself, when coupled with a meticulously curated LMS instils a sense of ownership over learning, enabling learners to become more self-driven. Learners are encouraged to now track and improve on their achievements, allowing learning to become more learner-centric.

Engagements with the large volumes of digital content and cloud labs allow learners to stay focused for longer periods, advocating learning through research, exploration and practice.

Moreover, the ability to review and give feedback constantly allows your organisation to tailor the approach to learning for each and every learner.

Embracing the Blend

LMS that have adopted bended learning methodologies, as opposed to mere self-paced learning, allows a mix of classroom and online learning, so as to ensure that that individuals experience the best of both worlds, from elements of online learning like multi-channel support, gamification, fluidic player to features that reflect a classroom setting would include webinar integrations, live mentor support, chat functionality that encourage peer learning and interactions with the instructor.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Anyware!

It is also key that an LMS leaves room for flexibility in terms of scheduling, which inevitably improves attendance ratio. Moreover, the addition of integrated cloud labs, apart from eliminating the need to build in-house infrastructure, no longer constrain employees to learn from one location. They now have access to hands-on learning at the touch of a button.

Evaluate, Gamify, Elevate.

The presence of integrated and dedicated assessment tools, also enables organizations to track a learner’s progress in the course. While learners earn badges and move through leader boards, it becomes easier to identify the pain points of each learner, and initiate learning interventions by providing access to additional resources to enhance their performances accordingly.

Today, with shorter shelf of skills, innovations in AI and ML, it is important for organisations to make healthy investments in their L&D to ensure that their workforce, and their business, stays skilled, relevant and competitive. Whether its conducting classroom trainings, delivering VILT sessions, or taking assessments, the LMS you adopt can make or break your business objectives enables L&D and HR to value add to their workforce, while keeping the cost in check, and delivers training without breaking into a sweat.

By Mr Keshava Raju, CEO and Founder, IIHT

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