Unacademy Launches Major Product Revamp To Enhance Learner Experience

Product revamp introduces smart features such as Raise a Hand, Planner, Study Groups, Live Mentorship, among others

Unacademy, the learning platform, today unveiled a major product revamp of its app with the aim to massively improve the learning experience. The revamp includes a host of innovative product-level additions such as Raise a Hand, Planner, Study Groups, Live Mentorship, among others, designed to make the learning experience more interactive and intuitive.

The launch was showcased at a virtual event ‘Unveil’, where Unacademy Co-Founder and CTO, Hemesh Singh, and leaders of the Design and Product teams made presentations. The event was attended by Unacademy Learners, Educators, Employees, and the general public.

Speaking at the event, Hemesh Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Unacademy said, “At Unacademy, we take pride in the ability to serve millions of learners and educators everyday. In order to redesign and reimagine the learning experience, we took into account all the feedback we received so we could create products that elevate the learning experience to an entirely different level. Through these new features, we have managed to create an experience that is world-class, unique and completely seamless. But this is just the beginning, we are setting the stage for better, stronger and more effective learning solutions.”

Product Introductions:

Raise a Hand: Allows learners to raise their hands virtually in a live class, and on being invited by the Educator- similar to an offline class setting – talk to the educator and get their doubts clarified.
Planner: Everyday companion for learners. From live classes to upcoming tests, important announcements, and personalized messages, the Planner keeps track of everything so learners can focus on their preparations. The Planner also helps learners plan ahead and utilise the time in between their classes to incorporate self study as well as other activities.
Group Study Feature: Bridges a vital gap created during the pandemic – the need for peer interactions. Learners preparing for the same goal are brought together through the Group so they can study together, collaborate and compete with each other in weekly competitions.
1:1 Mentorship: An innovative feature that allows a Learner to book a slot with an Educator for a One-on-One Live Mentorship to solve a doubt, discuss an upcoming exam, or discuss a concept.
Performance Tracker: A revamped Profile section is the new one-stop hub for a learner to track progress, test grades, academic performance etc.

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