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UGC Invites Applications for Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence on SWAYAM

UGC is currently offering through its Inter-University Centre CEC a free online course on artificial intelligence on the SWAYAM platform

UGC has invited applications for a free online course on artificial intelligence on the SWAYAM platform. UGC recently announced that it is offering 78 undergraduate and 46 postgraduate non-engineering courses through its Inter-University Centre CEC in January 2021. The free online course can be taken by students, professionals and anybody interested in learning on the provided topics. This particular free online course on artificial intelligence is being offered by GLS University.

Prof Bhushan Trivedi from GLS University will conduct the online course on introduction to artificial intelligence. He has a PhD, and is working as the Dean, Faculty of Computer Technology (FoCT)at GLS University. He has also acted as the dean zone-1 in Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat for MCA, says the SWAYAM platform. Three of the professor’s books have also been published by Oxford University Press.

What will be Taught in the Artificial Intelligence Course being Offered by UGC

The 15-week long course aims at equipping learners with the basic knowledge in artificial intelligence that is needed to understand big data with the use of analytics. The following topics will be covered under the course:

  • Introduction to AI and State space search
  • Introduction to unguided and guided search
  • Problems in search and solutions, Genetic algorithms
  • Neural Networks, BPNN, learning process in BPNN
  • Some other search methods and admissibility
  • Planning
  • Game Playing
  • Minimax and other game playing algorithms
  • Using predicate logic for Knowledge Representation
  • Resolution and non-monotonic reasoning
  • Strong methods for Knowledge Representation; Fuzzy logic and CD
  • Scripts and Introduction to Expert systems
  • Developing expert systems and Machine learning

Important Dates

The course will begin from 7 January 2021 onwards and ends on 30 April 2021. The course carries 5 credit points, and an examination will be conducted on 8 May 2021. Those who wish to know more about the online course on artificial intelligence and subsequently enroll for the same are advised to go through the official website for more information.


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