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UGC Guidelines: StudentsLivesMatters Trends Yet Again as Examinations to be Held in September

Fresh UGC guidelines were issued yesterday, which state that final year students will have to give exams in the end of September this year

After the Ministry of Human Resource and Development issued fresh UGC guidelines yesterday, students seem to be unhappy. The popular hashtag StudentsLivesMatters, which was being used by students to request for postponement of JEE, NEET and CBSE exams, is trending once again demanding for the cancellation of UGC exams.

“Why guidelines on conducting exams are changed frequently? It’s difficult for students to appear in exams due to ongoing Covid19 crisis. Why students can’t be promoted/assessed on the basis of previous year results?,” says Abdul Hafiz Gandhi, National Spokesperson, SP on Twitter.

“UGC is playing with the lives of students. Students are not mentally prepared .It’s time to rise your voice against UGC. As a teacher I’m with all college students,” says Anis Fathima. “India is 3rd worst Covid-19 affected country. Things might deteriorate further by September. Both offline and online exams remain a big NO in these difficult times. It is painful to see MHA-MHRD-UGC-DU not caring for students’ welfare,” says Dwi Atal like many others.

The HRD Minister said while announcing the UGC guidelines: “Evaluation of the terminal semester students which was to be done through examinations in the month of July, now their examinations will be conducted by the end of September-2020, following the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs India for COVID-19 pandemic.” As of now, there is no other official word from the government on the examinations.

What the Latest UGC Circular Says

The latest UGC guidelines say the following:

  • The terminal semesters or final year examinations will be conducted by the universities or institutions by the end of September 2020 in offline (pen and paper), online, or blended (online + offline) mode.
  • The students of the terminal semester or final year students having backlog should compulsorily be evaluated by conducting examinations in offline (pen and paper), online, or blended (online + offline) mode as per feasibility and suitability.
  • In case a student of the terminal semester or final year is unable to appear in the examination conducted by the University for whatsoever the reason may be, they may be given an opportunity to appear in special examinations for such course or paper, which may be conducted by the university as and when feasible, so that the student is not put to any inconvenience or disadvantage. The above provision shall be applicable only for the current academic session 2019-20 as a one-time measure.
  • The guidelines regarding intermediate semester or year examination, as notified on 29 April 2020 will remain unchanged.
  • If need be, the relevant details pertaining to the admissions and academic calendar in the universities and colleges shall be issued separately in place of those mentioned in the earlier guidelines issued on 29 April 2020.

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