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Udacity re-launches its Intro to Programming Nanodegree to help bridge the skill gap

Udacity has announced the relaunch of its Intro to Programming Nanodegree. The programme designed to provide effective and engaging content to students and professionals, aims at introducing them with basic foundation in programming. The course will give a fundamental understanding thereby helping students land the most in demand jobs in today’s time.

The three months course will equip a person with the core skills that programmers use while programming mobile apps, webpages or analyze data. Successful completion of the nanodegree will enhance the skills, broaden opportunities and lay the groundwork for a future in technology. The programme comprises of interactive quizzes, videos and hand-on projects which are reviewed by industry experts.

Commenting on the launch, Shernaz Daver, Chief Marketing Officer, Udacity International, said, “In a scenario where employment in computer programming is expected to increase by 22% by 2020, we are excited to re-launch our Intro to Programming nanodegree. With this course in basic programming, we aim to encourage more students to take up coding as a mainstream career option. This course will provide our students with an opportunity to fast track their careers for future job considerations.”

Commenting on the launch, Ishan Gupta, MD, Udacity, India, said,” According to a survey by UBM, 73% of the companies with less than 1,000 employees and 88% of the companies with more than 1,000 employees, have agreed that they can’t find the tech hires needed to power innovation. There is a huge scope in India as many companies today require coding talent for various jobs roles. However, while the demand for coding talent is high, the supply of talented coders is extremely scarce in the system.”

He adds, “ We, at Udacity, aim to provide a platform for aspiring programmers to learn the fundamentals of this field thereby opening a plethora of opportunities for themselves. This course is a sincere effort to bridge the existing demand-supply gap and prepare this talent pool for jobs of the future. This beginner level nanodegree, along with an intermediate nanodegree program such as Front End, Android basics or iOS Developer can arm the fresh IT and engineering graduates with the skills they need to have to be successful in their job hunts.”

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