Udacity Launches Data Foundation Nanodegree Program

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Data analytics

Udacity, a learning platform, announced the launch of its Data Foundation Nanodegree Foundation Certification. With the new program, the company is primarily targeting engineering students and working professionals who are interested into the field of data


Students and professionals undertaking the program will be able to learn new data skills that have applications in all industries. They will be able to collect, organize and analyze data using Excel, SQL and Tableau, and make data driven decisions based on analytics.

Speaking about how participants will gain by taking this program, Ishan Gupta, Udacity commented, “The program will enable everyone to master data fundamentals that are applicable to all industries. Users will be able to discover as to why data driven solutions are more effective and learn to collect, organize and analyse data efficiently. The program is perfect for beginners who are new to data and its myriad usages. With this launch, we also commenced the launch of our Data Challenge to identify our best students who will be entitled as ‘Udacity data expert’ and avail scholarships.”

“As data analytics is becoming a top priority for organisations, basic data skills are becoming indispensable for a wider set of roles, such as digital marketer, sales manager, product manager, HR professionals and many more. The program is perfect for anyone looking to learn essential data analysis skills.”, he added.

Students will have access to hands on exercises and projects that use real world data sets - collect, organize and analyse data and create data visualizations by doing it themselves. Moreover, candidates would also be able to gain and refine new data skills with the support of expert reviewers, whose detailed feedback will ensure that one learns everything that they need to know to advance through the program – personalized project reviews. Added to that, candidates will be a part of an outstanding learning community and will be able pursue a fulfilling career in data, in the future.

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