Udacity Launches Career-Ready Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program

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In a world where data security, privacy, and information symmetry are becoming more critical every day, the evolution of Blockchain technology as a potential solution to these challenges has evinced great interest in the job market. Udacity, the Silicon Valley-based lifelong learning platform, is committed to connecting learning to jobs – and is now looking to connect interested candidates with the great new opportunities in the Blockchain development space. The Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program’s curriculum was developed with exclusive insights from some of the leading experts in the Blockchain space, including Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase), David Johnson (Board Chairman, Factom), Aaron Brown (VP – Engineering, Madnetworks), Elena Nadolinski (Co-creator, and Engineer, Solidity), and PK Rasam (Founder, LINCD).


Initially developed as the technological backbone of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain and its inherently secure and robust decentralized ledger are finding applications in facilitating digital payments, smart contracts, and for secure record-keeping. CNBC reports “Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s market and there are now 14 job openings for every Blockchain developer.” Blockchain technology experts already command the 4th highest annual remuneration in India, making it one of the most lucrative careers available to Indian professionals. Udacity has always been a frontrunner and leader in providing education in emerging technologies to prepare India for the jobs of tomorrow, and its latest Nanodegree is no exception. Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree will focus on job readiness and the acquisition of in-demand Blockchain skills to help its graduates make the most of these openings. Students of the program will build portfolio-ready projects in collaboration with working Blockchain developers and hiring managers, and will enjoy direct access to leading experts in the field.

Commenting on the launch of the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program, Ishan Gupta, Managing Director (India) – Udacity, said, “At Udacity, we identify and provide the training required to create the highly skilled developers who then contribute to developing nascent technologies, based on the requirement and demand in the market. The astronomical growth in the demand for Blockchain skills across industries made this an obvious next addition to our Nanodegree offerings. The course we have created is the perfect vehicle to launch high-flying career as Blockchain Developers or Engineers, designing the next secure payments system at a promising startup, or implementing efficient supply chain management practices for Fortune 500 companies.”

With developments moving so rapidly in the world of Blockchain, Udacity wanted to ensure a dynamic experience for students which afforded them the opportunity to be 100% up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field. The Nanodegree Program will also feature an outstanding roster of “Experts-In-Residence” for the course, giving students the ability to engage in discussions of clear doubts with these highly-skilled practitioners. Blockchain is widely being acknowledged as one of the most compelling and disruptive technologies being developed, with the potential to bring sweeping changes to a wide swath of industries. If you’re interested in launching or advancing a career in the Blockchain space, this is the best time to get started learning the right skills – and Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program is the best place to start.

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