Twitter Operations to Cease in Europe?

The DSA will call for social media sites like Twitter to take action against bot farms and misinformation, and display clear warnings

Preeti Anand
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Following an agreement in the European Union (EU) that seeks to combat internet misinformation, Elon Musk's Twitter has chosen to discontinue. This move by Twitter may indicate that Elon Musk, the company's owner, is considering shutting down the service in Europe or risking receiving hefty fines. 


DSA will require Digital services like Twitter to take action against bot farms and disinformation

The Digital Services Act (DSA), a new law that will go into force in August, is the cause of this. The DSA now requires large social media platforms to monitor and flag disinformation, which was previously optional. According to a European Commissioner, the DSA will make it illegal to spread false information. Thierry Breton, the head of the EU industry, tweeted, "Twitter exits the EU voluntary code of practice against disinformation. But obligations still exist. You can escape but not hide.

Additionally, the DSA will call for social media sites like Twitter to take action against bot farms and misinformation, display clear warnings about political advertising, and encourage fact-checking.


Twitter would be subject to DSA penalties

It requires Twitter to provide users with tools to report illegal content, but it does not compel the social media site to remove content. By leaving the present agreement, Twitter would be subject to DSA penalties, which could result in the European Commission imposing a punishment equal to up to 6% of its yearly sales. Musk has been publishing material on Twitter that might be considered hate speech under the DSA and other EU policies. He has also consistently spoken out against moderation as an absolutist of free speech. 

Warning to Elon Musk

European regulators have warned Musk and Twitter that if the platform doesn't follow the laws, it risks being expelled from the EU. After a whistleblower exposed how Facebook and its parent company, Meta, prioritised business before combating false information and hate speech, the DSA became more significant. Given the anticipated DSA crackdown, Twitter might find it simpler to stop operating in the EU entirely.