Twitter Launches New Feature to Help Businesses Promote their Chatbots

Twitter has launched Direct Message Card for advertisers to promote their businesses via ads.

Malavika Sacchdeva
New Update

Twitter has announced the launch of a new feature called   ‘Direct Message Card’ for advertisers to promote their businesses via ads on twitter.  With this new card, Twitter aims at helping businesses both through promoted tweets and organic sharing.


These ads are designed to pull consumers into personalized experiences within Direct Messaging. This includes interactions with chatbots. This is not the first time that twitter has rolled out bots.

The Direct Message Card can be customized using either image or video. By using this card, businesses can capture people’s attention with creative images or videos and include up to four call –to- action buttons. The main aim of the launch of Direct Message Card is to get people to interact with the brand through a private messaging experience.

According to reports, several brands around the world are going to launch Promoted Tweet Campaigns using the Direct Message Card this week. The company said in a statement “ Patron Tequila, a leading spirits brands, using the Direct Message Card to entice people  to engage with their messaging bot-Bot-Tender- which creates personalized cocktail recommendations based on responses to questions around occasion , flavor and even emoji.”

Another brand, JollyChic, an e-commerce app, is offering customers with special discount coupon for purchases through Direct Message Card.

With the launch of Direct Message Card, the company aims to see if it’s something brands will want to adopt and promote their brands through Twitter ads. The new Direct Message Card is only open for Twitter advertisers.

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