Turnover from India is to the tune of Rs 500 cr

How profitable is MSO as a business model for the enterprise?
Multi source outsourcing (MSO) makes business better since this model allows
organizations to carry out several functions in-house, while certain others are
outsourced to the best-of-breed service providers. Adoption of MSO ensures
maximum RoI to enterprises as they are able to engage best-of-breed service
providers to each technology section. In addition, they are also able to
increase the efficiency of their infrastructure.

Which are the key industrial verticals on Datacrafts radar?
We have launched our vertical industry initiatives in four key industries
manufacturing, financial industry services, travel and transportation, and media
and communication.

The penetration into these verticals has been achieved by aligning solutions,
and sales and marketing activities, thereby helping us to grow our market share
as well as providing better understanding of the client along with increased
engagement across the region.

What has been Datacraft Indias contribution?
The turnover from India is to the tune of Rs 500 crore. The increase in the
number of service providers is good news as we are targeting this market and
expanding our base in this region through our products and services. Our
partnership with VSNL and SBI is a testimonial to this fact.

How does Datacraft address the enterprises fear of loosing intellectual
Winning the trust of the clients is an important factor in any partnership.
Datacraft has developed a service model, wherein we work together with the
client and its people in a blended team, which in turn gives way to build a
trusted partnership.

Recognizing the need of rewarding relationships, Datacrafts blended approach
aims at working with the client as it grows, thus ensuring them that there will
be no loss of intellectual property. Our engagement with clients will be at any
point of time, as and when the client needs it. In others words, Datacraft is
flexible in its approach.

We very well understand the fact that development of partnership relation
between the client and the supplier is vital. Mutual trust and greater focus in
business are two important factors that ensure success of a partnership

H Chethana Gadiyar

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