We are trying to bridge the gaps between users and services by providing innovative solutions or to be precise “by being Digital”

—Pinkesh Ambavat CTO, CRIF Highmark
Pinkesh Ambavat

CRIF High Mark is India’s only credit information bureau catering to all borrower segments – MSME and Commercial borrowers, Retail consumers, Microfinance borrowers 

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

Our business hinges around being digital. We help our clients – banks and NBFCs – become more digital in their lending and risk assessment process by providing them with real-time access to data such as credit scores, KYC information etc and by helping them automate credit management decisions with the use of advanced analytics and easy-touse software solutions.

In the current age of finance transformation; digital Customer Experience already the frontier for credit management. We offer unique products that can assist in part of the digital credit originations process across multichannel strategy.

For some, digital is an approach toward communication with consumers. To others still, it is the belief that anything that can be digital, should be digital. However, I believe that digital refers to a procedure, a way of doing things. It subsumes all of the tactics, the tools, the strategies under one banner and plants as an imperative the need for better processes, to take risks, to experiment, and to constantly check-in with the consumer. Digital IT is characterized by a progressive delivery approach where cross-functional tech teams gather and improve upon existing processes and software systems in order to assiduously release new software features in a  swift manner.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

Apart from what we do for our clients, we are also constantly working on transforming our company’s internal activities to more digital. Last year, we transformed our internal processes for client management, accounting, and ticket handling. We use digital means to manage our sales, marketing, and social media activities. Some of the activities which we are working on to make more digital this year are– use of big data infrastructure to get more useful insights much quickly from massive data that we manage, chatbot to provide enhanced service experience to our clients, simplified tools for our data scientists etc.

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