Trend Micro Solutions to Secure LIC Mutual Fund

Trend Micro, a global provider in cyber security solutions, provided a complete suite of solutions securing endpoints, network and data centres for LIC Mutual Fund. This comes at the back of the recent announcement of Trend Micro securing SBI’s 2.75 Lakh endpoints across 26,000 branches. Trend Micro implemented a ‘Connected Threat Defense and Response Strategy’, that was efficient enough to detect and block threats across all channels.

LIC Mutual Fund deployed Trend Micro solutions which provided visibility into potential security threats and increased protection against zero-day vulnerabilities. It also improved operational efficiency by reducing unscheduled patching events, customer code fixes, and enhanced productivity due to reduced unscheduled downtime. Deployed as a single, multifunction agent across all environments in the data centres, Trend Micro solutions addressed resource contention issues and helped to simplify security operations. LIC Mutual Fund also benefits from a centralized management solution that provides a single, integrated interface to manage, monitor, and report across multiple layers of security.

Over the past few years, cyber criminals are employing more sophisticated technology, which has led to a drastic change in the global cybercrime landscape. With demonetization, cashless economy and smart city campaigns, India has emerged as a focus market for cyber criminals across the globe. In line with this, despite having a sound IT infrastructure, LIC Mutual Fund decided to take preventive measures and approached Trend Micro. Subsequently, Trend Micro has offered powerful solutions to LIC Mutual Fund, which enables threat protection and data security for users.

“For LIC Mutual Fund, we ensured that servers and endpoints were not vulnerable and defended against zero-day threats, breaches, and business disruptions by adapting a virtual patching mechanism. We also deployed a strong network defense strategy that gave 360-degree visibility and counter measure in place to supplement the traditional security they used. The solutions offered by us resulted in improved operational security, operational efficiency, ease of security management and integration and automation,” said Mr. Nilesh Jain, Country Manager – (India and SAARC), Trend Micro.

“It is important that the security solution integrate seamlessly with the existing established IT infrastructure. Therefore, we essentially made sure to integrate company’s IT ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge protection without impacting on system performance,” he added.

“With ever-growing security risks and a complex IT environment, it was very important to find a flexible, customizable, easy-to-manage solution suitable for our business. Partnering with Trend Micro led to a harmonious collaboration that helped us combat the challenges of securing and protecting our data and network from potential security risks and cyber threats,” said Mr. Prashant Thakkar, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Strategy, LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Limited.

Any breach in IT security can spell disaster for the company and its customers, therefore, it is important that security service providers devise a protection strategy by addressing the security challenges and compliance requirements of a modern data centre.

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