Trend Micro Achieves Perfect Score for Breach Detection in 2017

The need for strong and reliable threat defense is critical to everyday operations and becomes more important as high profile attacks continue to increase. Trend Micro Incorporated attained a perfect breach detection rating of 100 percent in the NSS Lab’s Breach Detection System report. This marks the fourth consecutive year that NSS Labs has recommended Trend Micro.

A critical way to compare solution vendors is by their detection rate of evasions, an area in which five of the seven companies tested by NSS struggled. Trend Micro posted a 100 percent evasion detection rating, establishing the company in the top of the breach detection quadrant. NSS Labs results prove that Trend Micro reliably equips customers with the protection needed to keep critical data safe, and detect threats moving inbound, outbound or laterally across the network.

“The data speaks for itself, we are very proud that our customers benefit from the protection and peace of mind that come from using our solutions,” said Steve Quane, executive vice president of network defense and hybrid cloud security, Trend Micro. “We remain focused on leading the industry in threat prevention, evasion protection and remediation.”

Mr. Nilesh Jain, Country Manager – (India and SAARC), Trend Micro said, “This is an achievement we are particularly proud of, one which will continue to instill confidence among our customers. In a fight against the burgeoning number of cyber-attacks, we are committed to offering our finest solutions to protect businesses and keep cyber attackers at bay.”

“Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery achieved a 100% security effectiveness rating with the fastest time to detect attacks amongst all tested products. There is no question that Deep Discovery should be on the short list for everyone considering a Breach Detection solution,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS Labs.

With its layered security approach, Trend Micro, and specifically Deep Discovery Inspector, has continually improved effectiveness and significantly lowered total cost of ownership. Over the last few years, costs dropped from $240 per protected Mbps to under $40 per protected Mbps on average.

The ultimate recipe for integrated advanced threat prevention calls for two essential ingredients, Deep Discovery coupled with the TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Protection System. Together these protect critical data, applications, and infrastructure from known, unknown, and undisclosed attacks stemming from endpoints to data centers and networks.

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