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Trellix building resilient digital world by providing Living Security that enables trust and success: Rahul Arora

Trellix brings you a living XDR architecture that adapts at the speed of threat actors and delivers advanced cyber threat intelligence. We’re changing what security means, and what it can do, giving organizations the confidence that comes with being secure.

Rahul Arora, MD, India & South Asia, Trellix, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: With the threat landscape constantly evolving and getting smarter, how does Trellix plans to stand out to tackle them efficiently?

Rahul Arora: Due to the global pandemic, the use of technology has risen like never before. This has also provided scammers with new and inventive methods of deception. As the complexity of cyberattacks grows, so do the solutions for preventing them. It can be difficult to leverage advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI tools, as well as real-time threat monitoring across a wide range of endpoints.

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST Rahul Arora.

However, for cybersecurity solutions to be effective, this complexity must be hidden in the backend, and security teams must be empowered with solutions that are agile, easy to use, and simple to implement, along with offering a fresh approach. Businesses cannot afford to wait months to implement a solution when attacks are occurring right now. When solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and scale, they are not only more interactive but can also be the solution to a great customer experience.

Trellix inspires customers to rethink possibilities and reclaim the forward momentum that security technology has always promised. We are committed to building a resilient digital world by providing Living Security that enables trust and success. Trellix also provides an eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) ecosystem that generates and prioritizes comprehensive threat insights from outside and inside the company which strengthens detection along with responding in real-time to active threats.

Trellix’s platform manages the challenge of detection and response for threats that keep changing through comprehensive threat intelligence. This helps to cut through the noise so SecOps teams are more focused, effective, and can adapt fast as global attackers do.

DQ: What are your plans to support channel partners, and to help them grow their business?

Rahul Arora: According to our recent Summer 2022 Threat report, channels are like an open field for cybercriminals which can help them gain access to multiple companies through a single target. The industry must simplify and streamline cybersecurity along with maintaining quality. While there are no nerf darts in cybersecurity, Trellix recognizes the value of managed service providers (MSPs) in assisting businesses and takes the mundanity out of their operations while actively looking for opportunities to optimize spending and maintain company efficiencies.

We are currently developing a partner program that will allow for seamless collaboration and growth opportunities for partners who share our enthusiasm for customer protection. We believe in boosting the partner experience and are constantly launching new platforms to do so. We assist in the development of differentiated, profitable security practices by utilizing a flexible framework based on customer purchasing preferences and partner business models.

DQ: What are your business plans for the financial year?

Rahul Arora: I firmly believe that the merger of FireEye and McAfee enterprise solutions combined as Trellix is the dawn of new-age security solutions. It’s a redefining moment in the security industry. McAfee and FireEye were early innovators and tech giants in the security space.

While McAfee excelled in a platform-based approach to security, unified threat detection and response, integrated endpoint protection, data protection, Network security solution, and cloud security and consolidated the leading-edge solution to a single platform. On the other hand, FireEye’s strengths have been in combating advanced persistent threats, threat intelligence, situational awareness, and state of the art security operations threat analytics solution.

Trellix, a start-up at scale born with the merger of two cybersecurity giants, will be the answer to the modern and evolving threats. As an early insight, we are focusing on, solving today’s customer problems, and providing an industry-first Open architecture for security solutions integration to a unified platform. As a result, an organization that has invested time and money to build robust architecture can now continue leveraging their investments and enhancing their security architecture and operations to solve its security problems.

We, at Trellix, look forward to helping our customers design and implement their long-term XDR strategy. XDR brings together multiple information sources to streamline and inform the customer’s operations and will become an invaluable part of their cybersecurity strategy.

We also aim to enable our customers’ digital transformation and cloud adoption journey by enhancing their security posture and operations capabilities through our products, platforms, and services. We aim to achieve this by building a strong channel partner and MSSP ecosystem, allowing us to deliver the latest in cyber technology to our clients. In 2023, Trellix aims to redefine the entire value chain, customers, MSSPs and channel partners – allowing us to redefine what cybersecurity means for the industry.

DQ: Are there any concrete steps/plans to position yourself as the top provider of XDR solutions in cyberspace?

Rahul Arora: As a market leader in the space, Trellix is investing heavily in cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to collect all contextual data and provide accurate predictive recommendations to its clients to safeguard them from breaches.

With an automated orchestration playbook that responds to active threats and a dynamic recalibration of prevention policies – at scale across endpoints, infrastructure, clouds, collaboration, users, and data – we help organizations adapt in a variety of ways to stay agile. Just as our experts work as an extension of a team, providing fresh insights from the outside in, our DevOps tools allow an organization to embed security as code for enterprise app protection from the inside out.

It is the latest chapter in a security story that began with the prevention, progressed to detection and response, and now, with Trellix, integrates all three for Living Security. Living Security makes an organization more resilient through the interconnection of a wide variety of threat sensors and capabilities. It is native and open and also combines expert advice, assistance, and automation to make security teams more effective and efficient when incidents occur.

We also provide an open, interoperable platform approach to cybersecurity, which enables customers to implement the specific defensive technologies required to protect their unique businesses and operations.

Combined with our channel partners, our solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Not only are they more interactive, but also a solution to a great customer experience. We are confident that all of these factors make us the most evolved providers of XDR, and will help us maintain the leadership position in the market.

DQ: What is the significance of living security?

Rahul Arora: Just as a trellis supports life, Trellix enables living security. At present, the majority of business executives (about 78%) say they have no idea about how or when a cybersecurity incident will impact their companies. Trellix’s XDR ecosystem enables organizations to bring security to life, allowing them to stay one step ahead of threats.

Our Living Security platform – which combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation – is constantly learning and adapting, allowing businesses to remain resilient with advanced detection, response, and remediation capabilities. We empower organizations to manage their IT ecosystems safely by equipping them with native and open technology, regardless of their unique circumstances.

With living security, organizations become more resilient through the interconnection of a wide variety of threat sensors and capabilities, so they know their operations are protected. Living security also leverages an optimal blend of expert advice, assistance, and automation so that security teams are more effective and efficient when incidents happen. Living security is native and open, meaning you can safely manage a living IT ecosystem that is configured optimally for your organization. It also leverages an optimal blend of expert advice, assistance, and automation so security teams can stay put and alert.

Also, by embedding intelligent tools into their operations and providing expert insights to their security teams, Trellix ensures that businesses are better prepared to handle incidents when they occur. With Living Security, we are redefining the future of cybersecurity.

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