Travel time the biggest reason of stress in BPO Employees

It is a truth universally acknowledged that BPO employees are more stressed than employees in other sectors. But what causes stress in them? While most think that odd working hours are the biggest reson for stress in them, a survey finding has something else to say.

In the DQ-CRM BPO E-Sat Survey 2012, for which the findings will be published in the next issue of Dataquest magazine, the respondents have regarded travel time (37%) as the biggest reason for stress in the BPO sector. According to the respondents, insufficient holidays (34%) is the second biggest reason for stress in them. They find a little space for their personal lives which further pushes them to stress.

Similarly, work load, work timing, repetitive nature of work, long working hours and health issues, among others also contribute to stress in them. High level of stress in BPO employees often forces them to change jobs more frequently than not. In order to contain stress in the BPO industry, it is important that HR managers take steps to allow them a personal space and reduce travel time.

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