Trak N Tell launches its latest Watchman feature on all android smartphones

Trak N Tell, a Gurgaon-based Information Technology services company that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions, launches its latest Watchman

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Trak N Tell, a Gurgaon-based Information Technology services company that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions, launches its latest ‘Watchman’ vehicle security feature on its app across all Android smartphones. The feature will be remotely upgraded across all Intelli7 devices so that existing customers can benefit from it.


Currently, the Trak N Tell app alerts customers with an ‘Ignition on’ notification on their Smartphones whenever they or someone else starts their car. However, this notification is not enough to alert sleeping customers in case of actual emergencies. This is where the ‘Watchman’ comes in. When enabled, this feature will instantly transform one’s smartphone into an alarm clock so they can be informed about potential threats in real time, and take corrective action.

Trak N Tell will notify its existing customers about this feature following the successful upgrade of the software running on all Intelli7 devices deployed so far. Once that is done, customers will be able to upgrade their Trak N Tell app from the Google Play Store and explore the various aspects of the ‘Watchman’ feature at leisure.

Commenting on the new feature, Pranshu Gupta, Founder &CEO, Trak N Tell said, “At Trak N Tell, we always strive to provide our customers with the best telematics security products for their vehicle(s). It is this passion that drove us to come up with our latest ‘Watchman’ feature. This feature is quite akin to a colony guard knocking on one’s door to inform them about any security issues, in this case, issues related to the customer’s car, and arrange for necessary action to resolve the same. We are confident that ‘Watchman’ will prove to be an effective car security feature for all vehicle owners in the country, significantly alleviating any vehicular security threats to a great extent.”


Ritu Gupta, Co-founder & COO, Trak N Tell adds, “The prime focus of Trak N Tell lies in ensuring the safety of both the passenger and their vehicle from any possible threat. With our latest ‘Watchman’ feature, we hope to achieve the same by facilitating our customers with a unique alert-based feature that can quickly determine any potential case of car theft in real time. We are confident that this feature will prove to be immensely successful among vehicle owners, fulfilling our aim of revolutionizing the conventional outlook of Telematics in the Indian market.”

The ‘Watchman’ feature which was undergoing beta testing is now ready for the launch. While the feature will be initially launched on Android based smartphones, an iOS version is in the pipeline, and is expected to be launched within the next couple of months, i.e. by early 2017.

The remote software upgrade feature of Intelli7 devices is an industry standard called OTA, which stands for Over-The-Air upgrades. These days, almost all smartphone manufacturers utilize the same technology to upgrade apps as well as the operating system within mobile devices. Similarly, this OTA feature also happens to be one of the many inherent technological advancements included in the products designed and manufactured by Trak N Tell.

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