Trak N Tell launches Intelli7+

New Update

Trak N Tell launches its latest offering, the Intelli7+, a comprehensive vehicle and passenger security system equipped with state-of-the-art features.


While Trak N Tell’s current Intelli7 system is equipped with features like remote engine immobilization, panic button, and over-speeding alerts, the Intelli7+ will include add-ons like the watchman security alarm feature; live tracking to allow customers to see their car’s movement in real-time; and lifetime subscription.

Commenting on the new product, Ritu Gupta, Co-Founder and COO, Trak N Tell said, “At Trak N Tell, our mission is to bring a human touch to technology with tech-based products that care for a car as much as its owner. Moreover, with the risk of car theft increasing day by day, the demand for such products are expected to increase as well. A recent bust of car thief gangs brought to light some serious facts; up to 105 vehicles are stolen in the capital city of Delhi every day. What’s more, car thieves are now tech-savvy, which means even the most secured vehicle has a possibility of getting stolen.”

“However, our vehicle security systems, specifically the Intelli7 and the latest Intelli7+ are modified to match driving habits, road rituals and customized needs of Indian families, and can be attached to either personal cars or fleet vehicles for business owners. In addition, our products eliminate the possibility of car theft. Coupled with the watchman alarm feature, the owner would be quickly informed of any possible security threat to their vehicle, and take necessary measures. In short, we are confident that our newest offering will help ensure key aspects like safety of kinfolks, reduction in car theft and threat, and overall security of both vehicle and passenger(s),” she added.


The Intelli7+ is an upgraded version of Intelli7 and will be available in the market by next week. Both products are designed to meet the individual requirements of customers. Additionally, while Intelli7 is priced at INR 6,999/- with 3 years subscription and INR 5,299/- with 1 year subscription, Intelli7+ will be available at just INR 8,999/- with lifetime subscription. The renewal cost of all products is INR 150/- per month.

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