Trak N Tell Dons Desi Avatar for its Hindi-speaking User-Base

New Update

Trak N Tell, a Gurgaon-based IoT startup that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions, enhances linguistic competence of the app, adding Hindi to it. The latest addition in the app comes like a boon to the Hindi-speaking user-base of Trak N Tell, many of whom were truck drivers with logistic companies, who are business associates with Trak N Tell.


Elaborating on the new addition, Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell commented, “This new development is in absolute alignment with our mission, which is to bring a human touch to technology with tech-based products that care for a car as much as its owner. In our continuous endeavour to enhance our consumer experience, we realized that a major chunk of our user base is Hindi speaking and that they had difficulty in reading notifications and any other information in English. Some of these users are truck drivers of various logistics companies that use our telematics solutions. Knowing that, in a bid to ease operations for them and enhance our services, we added Hindi to the linguistic capabilities of our app and intend to continue being watchful of our users’ needs and necessities.”

Talking of constant innovation, Trak N Tell had recently announced the launch of its latest offering, the Intelli7+, a comprehensive vehicle and passenger security system equipped with state-of-the-art features. The Intelli7+ includes add-ons like the Watchman security alarm feature; Live Tracking to allow customers to see their car’s movement in real-time; and Lifetime subscription.

Moving ahead the brand also intends to add other translations such as French and German for its European customers.

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