TRAI’s DND App Set to Tackle Spam Calls for Indian Users by March 2024

 In an effort to address the issue of spam calls and messages the TRAI has been working on an enhancement of its DND app.

Punam Singh
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DND app

 In an effort to address the widespread issue of spam calls and messages of Indian mobile users the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been working on an enhancement of its Do Not Disturb (DND) app. Despite the existence of the app for a long period of time, it has not been able to serve its intended purpose. However, according to a recent report, it was suggested that a significant transformation will be made for users who are plagued by unwanted calls and messages in the year 2024.


The TRAI has acknowledged the limitation of its DND app and has been actively working on it to address the existing technical issues. V Raghunandan, the Secretary of TRAI revealed in a recent statement that bugs in the DND app are currently being fixed with the help of an external agency. While specific details about the bugs were not disclosed, it was mentioned that the issues primarily affected some Android devices as reported by News18.

Now, the revamped DND app is expected to offer a more seamless experience to its users while being focused on rectifying errors that occurred when mobile users attempted to report spam calls or messages. The TRAI Secretary emphasized that the improvements would be extended to all Android phones till March 2024. However, acknowledging the strict app store policies of iOS, the TRAI official highlighted the challenges faced by iPhone users to utilize the functionality of the DND app.

However, TRAI has given assurance that efforts are underway to make the DND app compatible for iPhones, to address the concerns of Apple users who have also been troubled with spam calls.

The overhaul of TRAI’s DND app has signaled a positive development in the pursuit of tackling spam calls in India. Mobile users in India can anticipate getting seamless access to the DND app as the March 2024 deadline approaches.