Artificial intelligence and the role it plays in marketing

Training Race on AI is Underway, What Tech Giants Have to Offer

AI is important to solving an organizations’ strategic challenges and over 90 percent businesses expect AI to have a positive impact on growth

When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, nobody wants to be left behind. Almost every company big or small, students, IT professionals and engineers want to be up-to-date on the best practices of AI and are willing to learn about the topic every day. Established IT companies too are coming up with new and interesting courses in order to train people on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While some companies are offering them for free, some are offering paid courses to those interested. These courses are expected to be beneficial as according to a recent survey, nine out of ten executives from around the world described AI as important to solving their organizations’ strategic challenges and over 90 percent businesses expect AI to have a positive impact on growth. Let us now take a look at how these four companies are providing training on AI and ML to people.


Google is constantly providing training on AI and Ml to anyone interested in learning about how to use the two to solve business problems. Executives, data scientists, data engineers and programmers interested in designing, implementing, and operationalizing machine learning can take the course. Recently, Google announced an online training program by the name Google Cloud Mastery Bundle.

Priced at $39, Google Cloud Mastery Bundle provides a comprehensive training on AI with four courses and over 50 hours of content.  The topics that will be covered in this course are Google DialogFlow For Chatbots, TensorFlow and Google Cloud ML Engine For Deep Learning, Google Cloud Platform: Data Engineering Track, and Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Architecture Track. The course aims at covering over 400 lessons in 50 hours.


Facebook too recently rolled out a video series to train people on machine learning for free. The six part video series titled ‘The Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning’ was developed and compiled by the Facebook ads machine learning team. The series aims at sharing best real-world practices and provides practical tips about how to apply machine learning capabilities to real-world problems.

Targeted at engineers and new researchers, the videos help them apply their machine learning skills to their product or use case, and on how to use machine learning models effectively to deliver the business outcome they are trying to achieve. The series breaks down the machine learning process into six steps: problem definition, data, evaluation, features, model and experimentation.


US chipmaker Intel has apparently trained nearly 99,000 students, developers and professors on artificial training in India since April 2017. Intel’s AI developer education initially aimed at training 15,000 students but exceeded the target over seven fold and also roped in 100 organizations to do the same, says the tech major. Intel has tied up with IITs, BITS Pilani, IISC, Philips India and Mphasis to deploy its AI portfolio in the local ecosystem .


There are a lot of courses offering an understanding of AI and machine learning, so it is possible to have a working machine learning model in a matter of hours. However, several challenges are faced while deploying the same model into production. In order to solve this problem, Oracle recently announced GraphPipe. GraphPipe is a network protocol designed to simplify and standardize transmission of machine learning data between remote processes. GraphPipe includes set of flatbuffer definitions, guidelines for serving models consistently according to the flatbuffer definitions, examples for serving models from TensorFlow, ONNX, and caffe2 and client libraries for querying models served via GraphPipe.

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