Trained cloud computing professionals — augmented need

In the recent years, it is evidently proven that cloud computing is the next big frontier in building business credibility. However, tremendous business value can be achieved only when cloud skills are applied appropriately with an analytical approach. The major question to be addressed here is; who will make all this happen?

To a large extent, businesses chiefly rely on their IT service management professionals and managers to drive through the cloud computing monarchy. At the same time, not all organizations are aware of the fact that their resources need to be well trained in order to achieve the desired bottom-line. Most of the IT service management professionals claim that they do not receive enough support or training required to move their businesses into this novel computing realm.

A recent survey by ScienceLogic, conducted on 1,000 IT professionals states that 50% of the organizations across the world are planning to invest heavily in private and public cloud-assisting technologies, such as virtualization and infrastructure. Furthermore, some of the respondents who were already a part of cloud initiatives in their organizations felt that they needed more education on this technology. These respondents also felt that their current cloud skillsets did not equip them adequately to handle the booming cloud computing demands.

Skill scarcity has now become the new hurdle in cloud computing efforts made by most of the businesses. A study conducted by Accenture revealed that a mere 10% of the US Federal agencies have migrated most of their IT portfolios into cloud regardless of the aggressive policy of ‘Cloud First’ made by the government. This lag is due to lack of Cloud skillsets.

Let us now take a look at the top Cloud computing skills in demand.

1.Software Architect
Desired Skillsets:
Bridge between the company’s business as well as the technical staff
Design and generate complex dispersed systems
Comprehend and design systems for managing several simultaneous users

2.Data Center Manager
Desired Skillsets:
Move data-center skills towards hosted data centers
Enhanced automation skills

3.Data Architect
Desired Skillsets:
Translate business requirements into database solutions
Create data design models
Define database architecture
Establish data standards

4.Business intelligence Analyst
Desired Skillsets:
Develop enterprise-wise data analysis and data reporting solutions
Data analysis
Develop data cleansing rules

5.Database Developer
Desired Skillsets:
Develop database structure for storage, retrieval and reporting
Implement database design
Support database administrators

6.Data Analyst or Report Writer
Desired Skillsets:
Analyze data systems, document data flow
Develop automated routines for extracting data
Compile reports and make recommendations
Help build transactional systems, data warehouses

7.Data Warehouse Manager
Desired Skillsets:
Design, develop and maintain data warehouse
Ensure data systems adapt to enterprise architecture
Implementing data gathering strategies
Technical resource management

8.Database Manager
Desired Skillsets:
Maintain database environment
Set corporate data standards
Manage disaster recovery and capacity planning


Cloud-centered technology has now become the new force driving enterprises across the globe. Businesses planning to implement or utilize cloud are now trying to migrate and integrate existing enterprise systems into cloud. At this point, businesses are in need of professionals who are capable of closely working with the organization for building cloud expertise. However, the demand for cloud-based skillsets outpaces the supply of skilled resources.

Certified big data and cloud computing professionals are sought after by employers across the globe.


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